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  • And Mastering Loses...

    And Mastering Loses...

    05/08/11 in Mastering

    One of the main functions of mastering is to make a mix transportable: In other words, it should sound good over any playback system

  • All About Dithering

    All About Dithering

    02/24/11 in Mastering

    It's a dirty job to go from high-res audio to 44/16, but someone's got to do it.

  • Curve Analysis and Acquision Software

    Curve Analysis and Acquision Software

    02/01/11 in Mastering

    Bob Ludwig, Doug Sax, Bernie Grundman - they're masters of mastering. They produce hit after hit, with nothing at their disposal other than...well, experience, talent, great ears, the right gear, and superb acoustics.

  • How to Master Your Music at Home

    How to Master Your Music at Home

    11/03/10 in Mastering

    Mastering is one of the few creative processes that still finds itself quite high up on a pro-audio pedestal. The creation of music, the recording, mixing and production is all within the hands of the home user but mastering still seems to be just out of reach...Or is it?

  • Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

    06/08/10 in Mastering

    Tom Volpicelli of The Mastering House answers the top 10 common questions about mastering.

  • Online Premastering Service

    Online Premastering Service

    01/27/10 in Self-Management & Business

    Maximal Sound is offering an online premastering processing service.