Harley Benton MT-50

MT-50, Metronome from Harley Benton.

KoalaMan 07/08/2006

Harley Benton MT-50 : KoalaMan's user review


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Hi all, when ordering in my store prfr ( www.thomann.de ( https://www.thomann.de ) ), I say "test that little toy."

Basically, the principle is dsormais long been known: one device for both mtronome and tuner.

It passes alternately (and therefore not possible to have more mtronome simultanment tuner, damage) from one mode to another. The precision of the tuner is correct (my Korg and Yamaha comparable), the display for mtronome is a bit bogus, but can still be used. J'enlve a point to the impossibility to combine both functions, and another aspect to all trslgrement fragile.

Okay, so nothing new under the sun except a small clip of a piezo team that can pick up vibrations and Determines the pitch.

Basically, you in your orchestra, everyone buggers in all directions, you can not hear what you play? With the sensor, you can still give you same. Of course, it works for all instruments o the body is vibrating (roughly: ALL I test on my guitars, my saxes, clarinet and the flte, it works). Only on my piano numrique o the sensor did not work but it is not useful trs trs, less use of microtonal ladders!

Well, for résumé is a small device, trs complete comes with batteries, and everything fabulous price ... 16.30! (Coupled with another command to avoid paying 10 postage for not much as it is only available at Thomann).

A direct link! ( https://www.thomann.de/thoiw9_harley_benton_mt50_metronom_tuner_prodinfo.html?sn=cc3740d4edb133dcf143cea84ebb8211 )