Millenium MA-2050
Millenium MA-2050

MA-2050, Stand/Boom Arm for Microphone from Millenium.

The Dark Judge 03/20/2011

Millenium MA-2050 : The Dark Judge's user review

«  Robust and rigid, quick »

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Having revamped my workspace in Home-Studio, I needed a support system for my microphone ... Without stand and I can move quickly to put on the side without having to wire or Disconnect the terminal every time. So this media with XLR cable tube was passed under what I needed.

Packaged in a compact and thick cardboard, bubble wrap to prevent the various pieces of metal colliding, this articulated support appears well made at first touch. The "support" consists of 3 square hollow tubes light alloy but resistant to the first axis and 2 square tubes of the same type for the second ... when the microphone axis, it is full chrome steel.

The horizontal axis and the axis have a micro clamping thumbscrew (3 fins) plastics.

MA-2050 comes with 3 full metal bases (type "font" or coke alloy) that can fit into different articulated support and the screws are necessary:
- A circular base of 5 cm high and 6cm in diameter, on a screw (3 screws) with a butterfly clamps to lock the axis of rotation.
- A rectangular base with up to 30 cm high, screw-on plane (4 screws) without tightening butterfly
- A socket-type clamp "attachable plan a thickness of 0-7 cm, with a tightening paipllon to block the axis of rotation.

Each joint of the support consists of a nut end passing through a tube, closed with a flare nut and maintained by a cons-nut to prevent loosening, except the 3rd square tube support of the horizontal portion, which is fixed by a single nut.
The springs are well maintained, quiet seem to be easily replaceable.

I put 8 / 10 concerning the concept, finishing, and especially the choice of bases, which is suitable for all types of countertops.


I use it for a month, putting it under strain to test the resistance of spring.
I personally opted for the base type "clamp" that allows me to place this support to my left of my work plan and quickly turn the microphone is no longer in front of my screen computer when I finished I took her.

I used a larger and boom screwed on a base that I had placed in front of me before. The clamps were borne noise and better managed, but my workspace was greatly embarrassed ... there, I get the time to work effectively simply do not have to remove my system after every shot ...

I regret, however, three important things:
1 - whether they are hollow tubes (borne noise to predict with any handling of sensitive microphones) and square: the fineness of the tubes is not ideal to set my filter antipop.
2 - to 3 screws butterfly wings, molded plastic, are not very pleasant to handle and too small for an effective seal. I replaced by metal thumbscrew larger bileaflet (5 € piece in BricoDépôt)
3 - It is almost impossible to change the XLR cable to less than condemn, and then it should do its own cable (and I do not weld!)

That said, I appreciate how organized this support to work with a microphone as well as downwards upwards and allowing its varied catch. Having more choice to fix it in 3 different ways and a big plus that I had found on other similar products, where he had to choose one method of attachment and for now, the XLR 5m provided seems satisfactory.

My overall rating only $ 7 ("good) because it remains an inexpensive product that has some design defects (notably those tubes and hollow square and non-changeable XLR). I think it's worth although the 38 € I paid and if I have to redo the election, I do it again without hesitation, but knowing where I stand now.

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