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Thread Comments about the feature article: Improve Your Microphone IQ

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Topic Comments about the feature article: Improve Your Microphone IQ
Improve Your Microphone IQ
If you're not sure of the difference between condenser mics, ribbon mics, and dynamic mics, or what a polar pattern is, here’s a quick overview that will get you up and running when it comes to microphones.

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How do Cardiod, Omni and Figure of 8 overlap with condenser, dynamic and ribbon and where do rifle mics and other mic shapes come in?

I read the article but was left with less understanding than I had before I did!
Sorry to hear that you didn't find the article helpful. Let me try to answer your question: Cardioid, omni, and figure-8 are polar patterns, they describe how microphones are designed to pick up sound. Condenser, dynamic, and ribbon are microphone types, they are designed differently in the way they function and in their internal electronics. Besides the fact that ribbon mics are almost always Figure-8, the issue of pattern and mic type are two different factors that both need to be taken into consideration.

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Nice basic primer - thanks!
You're most welcome. Glad you liked it.