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All user reviews of 3/5 for the M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88

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the bubble05/12/2012

the bubble's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" means primarily the piano sound"

M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88
right now I'm involved in schools, which means I'm tired of lugging my p 140 which is 17 pounds. I purchased this keyboard to save my back three times a week. He is 7 pounds and it is my back says thank you! it can connect a microphone, an instrument, a pedal (but does not half pedal), has two inputs and outputs (mono or stereo so) mono jack and two headphone entered (which does good to me).


good touch ...... is depressed generally plastic, only plastic, very disconcerting at first for the pianist that I am confirmed. but I did not say like all pianists "yuck this sucks". I adapted to the beast, and his expressiveness surprised me compared to some notice on the machine. I even allowed to make progress at the incredible techniques 4 and 5 because we need to link more than three times on a well-tuned acoustic piano sound to work (work is all relative of course on digital). So I continue to play! configuration is zero but anyway I do not use it in some depth, therefore, no interest for me. the manual is clear but too limited. the driver is well integrated, but I use asio4all which is still outstanding for adjustment of the latency on my old laptop.


I use it for 4 months and I'm happy. it also allows me to write my compositions mao (I navigate between musescore and sonar in the style of composition, more orchertale or more for such rock group or French songs) in addition to its use in the field. I tried full: real keypads, keyboards masters touch heavy or light, I had a roland ep 760, p 140 I have a yamaha home, a u1 (acoustic piano, I also tried of samicks, Dec. c3, a steinway, kawais of rights and tail short, I have a little experience with keyboards. to be honest, what I like least, what are the so-called built-in sounds of high quality that are worth nothing. built-in piano sound, I would use it even in troubleshooting, what a shame, too bad. I prefer to use a virtual piano, Pianoteq, the best I've used by far more realistic than its integrated m audio.

value for money is honest, nothing more. yes I would do this choice, I am limited in budget. good for little portable pianos are very expensive so no choice. again, to repeat the children is enough. for concerts with enfatns, I carry my p 140 (it's always better even if there is nothing like a real acoustic).

prof2zik0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88
Touch keyboard (semi) heavy
88 keys,
USB connectivity
Audio interface 2-2
7 built-in tones


I use this keyboard in the classroom for learning.
88 keys, touch heavy, compact, two headphone jacks

the -:
sounds !!!!!!!!! Bof bof from home!


I did buy 14 of these keyboards for my college, and I am satisfied, they seem quite robust, easy to use and compact.
For cons, I was told that if they really pleased me, I would buy for my little one to be repeated '(given the light weight of the beast, it would have been nice !)...

But the piano sound is pretty bad !!!!!!!!!
Quite enough to start, but next to a RD300SX, it does not measure up .........