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Behringer MIDI Controllers news

  • Zaquencer, your BCR2000 becomes autonomous

    Zaquencer, your BCR2000 becomes autonomous

    09/26/14 in ZAQ Audio Zaquencer

    German Zaq Audio worked with Behringer on a firmware update that converts the BCR2000 into a standalone sequencer.

  • [NAMM] Behringer X-Touch control surfaces
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] Behringer X-Touch control surfaces

    01/25/14 in Behringer X-Touch

    Behringer introduces at the NAMM Show 2014 the new X-Touch control surface series with three large to mini formats.

  • [NAMM] Behringer Motör MIDI keyboards
    Hot newsNAMM

    [NAMM] Behringer Motör MIDI keyboards

    01/25/14 in Behringer Motor 61

    Behringer unveiled at NAMM 2014 the new Motör USB/MIDI keyboard series, with two 49 and 61-key models.

  • [NAMM] Behringer U-Control UMX610

    [NAMM] Behringer U-Control UMX610

    01/22/10 in Behringer U-Control UMX610

    Behringer introduced its new 61-Key USB/MIDI Controller Keyboard.

  • Behringer UMA25S

    Behringer UMA25S

    08/08/08 in Behringer U-Control UMA25S

    Behringer Introduces the UMA25S Keyboard Controller.