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iCon MIDI Controllers user reviews

  • iCon iStage

    iCon iStage - " Super toy"


    here is one month I buy ais Icon iStage quite difficult to configure to thank you for audiofanzine tricks I used on traktor pro it works terrible on ais I put my mixing desk with cupboard …

  • iCon iStage

    iCon iStage - " Not very flexible to use"


    In fact, I use only DAW mode via Mackie control method for Ableton Live: track selection, mute, solo these tracks play / stop / loop / record AC works by pages 8 tracks with feedback LEDs to activate or not the parameter in question, nice. …

  • iCon V-GIG

    iCon V-GIG - " hum on enrée guitar if not grounded"


    Hello, I had the chance to buy this product last week 149 € (it comes to iron 299 on the same site 3 days after ...) That said, I just unpack, and I have only tested the preamp, and headphone output, there is a big hum if utlise the guitar (high …

  • iCon iStage

    iCon iStage - " Not too bad for the price"


    I use it for almost a year, I have not tried other models before. Goodies: robust: as explained mawou if a tractor rolls over, always try to connect after, it can work launchpad at half price: dj mode is not bad at all. Remember to configure t…

  • iCon iControls

    iCon iControls - " Does the job"


    I use it for almost 1 year I have not tried other models before the acquierir What I like most: rather robust What I like least: a little too compact (which may be a plus for many others) With lexperience I probably would not do this choice,…

  • iCon QCon Pro

    iCon QCon Pro - " just maaalaaaaadee"


    Good product, it works easy for me greatly, very well designed simple and effective design and it is motorized knob fuuuuck it's good. Can be controlled a large number of parameter plug-in, EQ, group, automation and so on. If you're like me, yo…

  • iCon iControls Pro

    iCon iControls Pro - " Hmm ..."


    Purchased in July 2013 for a job Governance theater in Avignon. Rpport quality good price compared to what is done in class. For mixing, automation is a bit too noisy. Not very strong, so to see how it will stand in the long run! With usb plu…

  • iCon QCon

    iCon QCon - " light up your nights!"


    I use it for 6 months. I also had a Tascam FW and 01V96VCM. The +: - The price - The LED on every level - Illuminated function keys - Not too thick The - - Pblm recognition by some DAW. I struggled a bit with Cubase early. With Reap…

  • iCon iCreativ

    iCon iCreativ - " dla shit"


    1 month, sold yes full (pcr 500 Edirol, Korg nano series, E-mu x25, 33 uc e-volution, kilamix mini kenton, Alesis Photon 25 ...) I liked the style of gadget-beam roland, you move your hand to play with the light sensor and control unit AC that …

  • iCon iControls Pro

    iCon iControls Pro - babaorum's review


    How long have you use it? 6 months What is the particular feature you like best and least? + Saving time, ergonomics, silent faders, ease of use, I even recently discovered that clicking on the jog shuttle markers we created on the fly in cubas…