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Roland MIDI Gear user reviews

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - stadelmann's review


    What's more, one week of use, and I sold my POD X3 LIVE on ... This is really a pure ball ... rvolution. Ngatif point: No one Send Return (LOOP). 2 The whawha I do not like. 3 Price UTILIZATION Simple (simpler than the POD X3) Englais …

  • Roland FC-300

    Roland FC-300 - Exxi3's review


    Hello, I have this little gem in the last few days and I am satisfied with TRS. In fact, I wanted to buy a FC-200 to drive my Roland GP-100, which is my sound-design tool for guitar prdilection even if I have stuff latest issue (Guitar Rig, Lin…

  • Roland VG-88 VGuitar V2

    Roland VG-88 VGuitar V2 - JeffJeff's review


    A few prs any effects imaginable. Even if I had some effects better quality I found in the VG so convenient a system that I plan not to take more than a scne with me (and a talkbox). So good effects and especially easy to use (no more pile of pedal…

  • Roland VG-99

    Roland VG-99 - Anonyme's review


    Multi-effects, amp simulator, guitar (electric, acoustic, bass) synth with a midi interface. The VG99 contains the equivalent of two-level systems of the GT-Pro (COSM include two GT-Pro). Applied COSM effects and amp simulations / guitar / synth.…

  • Roland MKB-300

    Roland MKB-300 - froggy54's review


    MIDI keyboard sound like a tank, excellent touch and works well for a piano scne. At the touch and strong nothing to do with the pseudo piano keyboards CONTRL type M-Audio 88! 1 MIDI In, 1 MIDI Through and four outputs (yes 4!) Transpose time wit…

  • Roland MPU105

    Roland MPU105 - ptiju87's review


    "MIDI Output Selector" In a Through 5 Through a switch by UTILIZATION Could not be more simple ... Need I say more ... just press the button to what happens at noon in the way thru for the button pressed OVERALL OPINION It is a small …

  • Roland VG-88 VGuitar V2

    Roland VG-88 VGuitar V2 - RÂ from ThadA's review


    Well, you know has. UTILIZATION I branch I jou I looked and I opened the manual APRS 2 months to see if I had not forgotten stuff. GETTING STARTED For a multi purpose, the sounds are really good trs. Sr than with analog pedals well chosen, bu…

  • Roland GR-30

    Roland GR-30 - canarboipeu's review


    MIDI converters for guitar. UTILIZATION -The interface is very user friendly, I think that not even light could edit parameters (after explanation of his philosophy of course). Its successor, the GR33 is no rotary and it's very unfortunate. …

  • Roland A-37

    Roland A-37 - kitof2lille's review


    I have a friend who had the same keyboard and I blew the engine. It is true that it is nice to work with. With a connection via the ASIO compatible sound card, it handles well. against by not using pedals yamaha style top as the effect will be revers…

  • Roland PK-5A

    Roland PK-5A - tayeule's review


    I bought the beast two years ago. It's built like a tank. After all, we play here with the feet. Several features typical of a foot hold with a single and a poly hold that allows you to play a small motif on top of a note (ostinato) Blowin-ti that…