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Roland MIDI Gear user reviews

  • Roland PC-300 USB

    Roland PC-300 USB - FP User's review


    Features are OK, not enough knobs in my opinion, pitch wheel, mod wheel, octave up and down, thats it pretty much. UTILIZATION I had to download a new driver for mine when I got it, other than that, pretty easy to use, plug and play mostly. I've n…

  • Roland PC-300 USB

    Roland PC-300 USB - FP User's review


    Nothing i havent noticed really $50.00 USD UTILIZATION None at all just plug the damn thing in It looks pretty durable just treat it right and it'll love you back OVERALL OPINION My favorite part about the controller is that it is so easy to ho…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - Aurochs4's review


    There's not much to add about the features, I think :-) What motivated my purchase was the keyboard and operation (which isn't that easy at first) of the piano, it's truly a Rolls Royce. I haven't had any issues with MIDI management, everything works…

  • Roland GR-30

    Roland GR-30 - RickD's review


    I've owned this for about 7 or 8 years...basically from since it came out. The best thing about it obviously that it enables you to add sounds to your guitar that simply couldn't not imagine before...and it can be damn handy. The worst thing is that…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - novice nord's review


    This piano is for pianists, meaning people who want to have the same keyboard or the same sensation as on an acoustic piano. It has nothing to do with a synth. It weighs about 65lbs and it is very good as a stage piano, necessarily coupled with an ex…

  • Roland A-80

    Roland A-80 - didiquette's review


    This master keyboard is usually found only in recording studios for several reasons. First, its price, second its quality with hammer action and a keyboard that doesn't like to be moved around much, and, finally, its weight. There's no comparison wi…

  • Roland VG-88 VGuitar

    Roland VG-88 VGuitar - "Roland VG-88 / GK-2A"


    I acquired this unit at the Guitar Center for $800. I have used and researched many guitar effects processors, and finally have found one that I really enjoy using, as well as the way it sounds. One of the other things that really attracted me to i…

  • Roland VG-88 VGuitar

    Roland VG-88 VGuitar - "Roland VG-88"


    I purchased this unit through 1-800-4SAMASH. I researched it for about 6 months. Played some of the less exspensive Boss units (GT3/GT5). When I say less exspensive, I don't mean cheap! These are also great units. What sold me on the VG-88 was a thr…

Translated user reviews
  • Roland A-90

    Roland A-90 - " Top notch"


    8 midi keyboard zones so easy to program and most comprehensive on the market (except for some rare Oberheim MC3000 or Physis Piano K4). UTILIZATION Touch heavy excellent. Perfect for stage or studio. Polyphonic aftertouch and chaining pieces .. …

  • Roland A-33

    Roland A-33 - " Indestructible!"


    What motivated my choice to it's mostly 76 keys in a footprint and a moderate weight. It only lacks aftertouch. 2 "midi out" it is very convenient to control two expanders on stage. UTILIZATION The hit is good enough "heavy" to control virt…