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Roland MIDI Gear user reviews

  • Roland PK-6

    Roland PK-6 - " Serious!"


    Roland is really, for me, the only one featuring a pedal at an affordable price. UTILIZATION Very simple and very user friendly, once we realized it was sending at noon on channel 2 (? !!) For monaural mode, no need for manual. Get used to touc…

  • Roland A-800PRO-R

    Roland A-800PRO-R - "A powerful keyboard and quality"


    I will not detail the features that are available everywhere, but those who have made me lean towards this keyboard. I was looking mainly a MIDI keyboard 61 keys with aftertouch, relatively compact, which has controllers fader and potentiometer ty…

  • Roland PC-200 MkII

    Roland PC-200 MkII - " Good for this price"


    What I decided to take the hit is very light Work cell or alim UTILIZATION Touched very nice, as said above No need to record Simple Config ' OVERALL OPINION I've had it about 7 months, and this is my first keyboard. Not having much re…

  • Roland UM-ONE Mk2

    Roland UM-ONE Mk2 - " Between the old and the new: Absolutely!"


    ROLAND MIDI / USB Converter: Allows you to connect any MIDI device to a computer. (Support 7/Vista. USB Windows 2.0 and higher). I bought this converter to drive with my PhatBoy Rebirth (lift nostalgic, and noon interface on modern computers). …

  • Roland GR-55S

    Roland GR-55S - " can do everything but ...."


    Note 8 can do everything synth pad replace an electric guitar with a dobro or acoustic hop switching patches SoRIE stereo output without its direct effect or synth gk sensor input midi in out usb UTILIZATION Note 7 C IS A GAS PLA…

  • Roland GR-20

    Roland GR-20 - " Excellent!"


    see the net! UTILIZATION config and installation of GK03 can be done quickly to make the system work relatively quickly. the manual clear and filled info GETTING STARTED the device does not require particular implementation except qq basic …

  • Roland UM-ONE Mk2

    Roland UM-ONE Mk2 - " I am satisfied and I recommend it without reservation."


    Compact USB / MIDI interface compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit, Mac and iPad. USE I use my mk2 UM-ONE Windows 7 32-bit. Driver installation is easy and fast by following the procedure of the record. To use this MIDI interface works wit…

  • Roland GI-20

    Roland GI-20 - " OK, but limited"


    Features disposed carefree on other reviews and specifications. UTILIZATION The general configuration is it simple? As often with RolBoss product simple, even simplistic. The rested on such converters settings are a little Achilles heel. Too co…

  • Roland A-88

    Roland A-88 - " Very good! I recommend ..."


    Good! No time to dwell tonight ... but I am very happy with this keyboard. If you want a keyboard with heavy keys, the "grand piano" genre, with a beautiful look and support twelve o'clock ultra simple, do not hesitate. It is worth its weight in…

  • Roland MPU-103

    Roland MPU-103 - " twelve o'clock filter and converter"


    for those who have midi analog synth first generation that can not select the midi channel, 1 midi input and output channel selection choice of 16 MIDI channels 1 knob to convert the selected channel to another channel ... midi output, and thru…