M-Audio Midisport Uno
M-Audio Midisport Uno

Midisport Uno, MIDI Interface from M-Audio in the Midisport series.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the M-Audio Midisport Uno

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purpletrain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Midisport Uno
This device is cheap, but when you have the right card, it is no use.


Drivers ??


Sebastien Goyet12/29/2007

Sebastien Goyet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Midisport Uno
So c'tait for iMac, an early Intel. I use Logic Pro (7 and 8) and the keyboard is a Korg Triton matre The most of the time.

Basic interface, not CHRE, Intel Mac compatible, until the all is well.


And has to gte a bit. Well, it works, but then we often notes sections, or held, and we must disable the instrument (I only use virtual instrumentals) and then re-enable ... Well ok it's cheap, but when even!


Finally, I pay a 50 I believe in the era, was going to the studio is Grable, but for the same scne I did not tent: I bought an Edirol UM-3EX because of all fawns had to connect two or three keyboards in the computer of scne, and is stable!

Ben frankly a bte between 50 "one in / one out" and 65 for an interface "3 in / out 3" which is much more stable, it is clear that I would do not have a choice of Midisport Uno, in addition there must be at Edirol MODELS simpler and cheaper srement ...

Soundiers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

M-Audio Midisport Uno
- What characteristics have motivated your choice?

I did not have MIDI output because it is a laptop, so I had a MIDI / USB, the interface is small and compact seemed best suited.

- For what purpose?

I wanted to use it to connect my synth essentielment which allows me a different approach to creating a sequencer;)

- What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?

I have an Acer Aspire 3610 laptop with Intel Celerom M, 1.5 GHz and 504 MB of ram.

- Which instruments or the systems do you use? ...

For now I only use it with my MicroKorg.


- The drivers are stable?

Here is the major weakness of the midi interface, installation and start-up are truly catastrophic. I do not know where it comes in a week but none of my software could not detect the USB MIDI interface and yet I well désintallée / relocated 20 times (not an exaggeration). Everyone spoke of three successive instalations I had only two at a time.
But I think the solution comes from that fact, one night after having retried installing the Uno I am overwhelmed and I gave up by leaving it connected, suddenly 20/30 minutes later my computer rebooted for no apparent reason and return to Windows, the PC asked me to accept gentiles the famous third instalation interface midi / usb. Of course I did it and after this one, the interface worked and was well detected by my software.
So advice on this point, be very patient and after BOTH INSTALTIONS leave quietly plugged the beast and wait at least 30 minutes, if it nothing happens you can start to panic;) sail

- Are they often updated?

I never started playing the drivers for now ...

- What software do you use most often?

I use Cubase, Reason and Ableton Live.

- Do you ever happen to saturate the MIDI interface and if so, under what circumstances?

Besides the big problem of instalation it does not come love me more ... Finally, if the notes remain locked DEFOIS .. but that you just power cycle the synth There's nothing to cry ..


- How long have you use it?

I think it will make about four months that I use.

- What is so special that you like most and least?

The best: easy to use and can really bulky

Minimum: instalation annoying to the point of wanting to hang himself. I think a lot of people who do not find the solution to the bug on the instalation drop interface.

- How would you rate the quality / price?

The value for money is correct, for it was more expensive but can be more seriously I just though of this one.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Not for instalation because I really had the chance to understand the trick .. veiled

If you want information on it, made me know;)