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Millenium user reviews

  • Millenium PD-222 Pro Serie Fußmaschine

    Millenium PD-222 Pro Serie Fußmaschine - @Vx's review


    I use this double pedal for about 2 years. The amount of possible rglages is impressive. The double chain is good. Idale left-handed as right-handed (always good to know). Adaptable for double bass. I tried an Iron Cobra before buying this doub…

  • Millenium PD-222 Pro Serie Fußmaschine

    Millenium PD-222 Pro Serie Fußmaschine - Percolardon's review


    - How long have you use it? I use it for two years - What is so special that you like most and least? This is the double chain, the typing feel is nice to know that she is more susceptible to the power to speed, bats actually pass on my bass d…

  • Millenium HP 1

    Millenium HP 1 - Nestor Fish's review


    I just received the unit this morning. I use it with a HD570, while waiting for the HD650 (I take this opportunity ...). In the first test, nickel. No breath, the volume is a quarter. It possde one lane between (2 TRS) and an output channel o…

  • Millenium MCT-10

    Millenium MCT-10 - mono-core's review


    I use it for 15 days and c is the tool the tool to avoid making the head during install and that there is a trick that only works pas.permet of testing a lot of type of connector (jack, Din 5 point, RCA, Speakon XLR) and a function test with a small …

  • Millenium Rack Bag 6

    Millenium Rack Bag 6 - ozzyozburne's review


    Bought it about a year ago. Rpt used to go only once a week. While the content is heavy: a 2 amp VHT February 50, a pramp Bogner, a tc G major. This will: Tolex collection outdoor Cordura tough, solid structure in CP, o rails attach racks …

  • Millenium BS-2211B

    Millenium BS-2211B - craft's review


    I reu the package yesterday (command three days ago at Thomann ...) and install IMMEDIATE! Trs good product packages emballle rpond what I expected simple installation robust structure trpied trs stable block and fasteners anything. The report qu…

  • Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE

    Millenium PD-122 PRO SERIE FUßMASCHINE - staier's review


    I did not, I double, but the kif, I say at the price (49 Euros) the Germans have to be crazy not to have it! there is no competition for the price of P122 and Pearl are not better and much more expensive. quality / price ratio unbeatable at the mo…

  • Millenium MS-2002

    Millenium MS-2002 - leruisseau's review


    Max decreased by keeping the rod parallel to the ground: 50cm pole Up to the max, keeping the pole parallel to the ground: 70cm pole Dropped to the bottom, the tip of the pole out thoroughly (it is adjustable) hits the ground. Lifted with the b…

  • Millenium MS-2005

    Millenium MS-2005 - leruisseau's review


    I use that foot for 2 months. for 9 euros is a good choice and it was worth the price. It is on the need not to put a microphone too heavy! but hey, there's feet more for that! For me, home studio, it's ideal. It is quite stable, the clamping system …

  • Millenium MPS-300

    Millenium MPS-300 - eoth's review


    I use it for two days so the feelings are "hot" I'll tell you later if I changed my mind! ;) what I like least is the touch of Charley that handles poorly, both at the pedals as the cymbal (nb: this is the same pad for cymbals) if I chose the m…