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Millenium user reviews

  • Millenium MS-2001

    Millenium MS-2001 - Barnabee's review


    Stand for micro, cheap, solid, easy adjustments. OVERALL OPINION Quality / price ratio above reproach. Choice again no doubt, no need to pay more for the service. …

  • Millenium HP 1

    Millenium HP 1 - doudou54's review


    No manual supplied with the product. The seller (Thomann) gives no indication of the connection (apart from a photo enough to a consumer non-professional). For consumers, the rear of the unit, there are 4 input jack 6.35. The amplifier can thus…

  • Millenium HA4

    Millenium HA4 - Faust8's review


    I use it for the past four months. What I like most is its price. And the least ... nothing ... I have not tried others, I had seen the Behringer but this one was cheaper. The report qualitprix is ​​all just amazing. I was looking for a sm…

  • Millenium HA4

    Millenium HA4 - High Mu's review


    HA4 I use the past year, and I made a fist with registration. It possde between 1 and 4 amplified outputs with jack knob while ddi STREO (asymtrique so). It comes with a small transformer industry (which does not require you unplug the two plugs of…

  • Millenium PB48

    Millenium PB48 - seraya's review


    So here in this patch is really the basic ... Actually ... I use this patch to store my jack-RCA adapters or some minor troubleshooting. Nothing else! In a use does not take long! The rings of the mass dconnecte desserts when a jack! Yet by cur…

  • Millenium MS 2003

    Millenium MS 2003 - fredian's review


    Folding foot micro, max 170 cm. all DGIG an impression of robustness and reliability for a price that infrieur 15 euros. OVERALL OPINION I use it for a month by repeating. convenient and easy to install / Leaflets / rgler once rgl and screwed it …

  • Millenium PD-669

    Millenium PD-669 - Droksu's review


    How long? A few days now ... Plus: The price! Minimum: Regarding the one I reu I had a little trouble on a screw that DfES systmatiquement ... mchant nothing in fact, enough to shake a little. - Have you tried many other models before acq…

  • Millenium MPS-100

    Millenium MPS-100 - electralia44's review


    Good morning. I was surfing the net to find the best price comparison for drumkit-MPS 100.Malgr my 13 years, I would buy it from me until next year (2008), in a budget of 400 euros I could Exceeds ;-). Please give me rponces to help me. me. …

  • Millenium PD-669

    Millenium PD-669 - lkmi's review


    I use it for now as nice, cheap to address the double. I bought it to try and know the game joix double pedals and I did not want to put 200 dc trs good value quality price I have not tried other double pedals, 59, come and Thomann (carrying ca…

  • Millenium PD-669

    Millenium PD-669 - heavenlot's review


    I have been using even today. What is much j'apprcie its kind, easy rgl plutt beautiful. double chains and also the left pedals that can be used in single pedals sduit me a lot. I have not had the opportunity to try other double pedals for the …