Ashdown FreeBass
Ashdown FreeBass

FreeBass, Other Accessory for Bass from Ashdown.

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k9vvs 05/15/2009

Ashdown FreeBass : k9vvs's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
I tried it in rehearsal for a month on my amp ASHDOWN (abm evo II, 500) and a Fender (BXR 300), with a low and a rickenbacker Curlee. Then I put it back in its box telling me there was nothing like a good old cable ...
Being very very happy with my whole Ashdown (evo 500, 4x10, "a 15"), I have confidence in the brand and bought the FreeBass without trying. Error!

The +: ease of use.
16 presets that color the sound in different ways. (But is it then that one expects from a HF.)

the -: does not seem very sturdy (plastic receiver, rather slight, fragile-looking, ISSUER also looking fragile and very thin cable.).
In use, the device generates a lot of breath that you play more accentuated in the high midrange and treble.
The sound also seems to lose its brightness and extent over a cable.

Before buying it I had the opportunity to try a 40 and an AKG sennheiser freeport.

Value for money ?.... 331euros (Music Store) is still too expensive for what it is.

With the experence, I will not repeat that choice. By the way, fortunately I was able to return the unit to the store, I added a few tens of euros and took a Sennheiser EW 172 G3. And then ... There's no comparison. that's the stuff. it was my cable that I cleaned :-)