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Other Bass Effects user reviews

  • Markbass Super Booster

    Markbass Super Booster - " A boost but not only!"


    The super booster Markbass is a pedal made of 2 distinct parts. A boost in volume and a filter. The 2 effects can be used simultaneously. This pedal does not enjoy connection to Mac / PC ... It's a good old analog pedal, but very good. Connecti…

  • EBS DynaVerb

    EBS DynaVerb - " Bof Bof!"


    3 types of reverb (Hall, Plate, Room) 3 settings revert (A, B, C) A knob Reverb A knob tone Stereo input and output 9V DC power supply UTILIZATION Nothing is more simple: a few buttons and knobs ... It is faster around the owner. SO…

  • Electro-Harmonix Mole

    Electro-Harmonix Mole - blaez_minkoff's review


    This is the same circuit as the Hog's soccer bass boost. It's a pedal that boosts the bass and treble cut. Warning this is not a booster for bass (the instrument). It is a circuit to a transistor super simple. I took an hour to make mine identical…

  • Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth - Manos's review


    Indeed coupling an analog octave effect of such distortion with moog and a filter, all paramtrable on the other hand can not save .the standard connectivity preset jack. USE Then the it is not easy at the beginning to understand the interaction…

  • Electro-Harmonix The Mole Nano

    Electro-Harmonix The Mole Nano - dirkdigler's review


    Bass Boost: As its name indicates ... A knob that boost of 20db. The center frequency is between 400Hz and 200Hz minimum to maximum. a switch on / off true bypass. Format at EHX Nano. Boss type 9V power supply or 9V battery location, In and Out. UT…

  • Akai Professional Deep Impact SB1

    Akai Professional Deep Impact SB1 - VicMacKey's review


    Stomp supposed to emulate a synthesizer from a bass guitar. There are 9 types of synths spread over 9 presets that can be programmed and recalled easily. The settings are many: note on, note off, attack, decay, envelope depth, dynamics, cutoff, r…

  • Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer

    Chunk Systems Octavius Squeezer - VicMacKey's review


    Analog Synthesizer Bass Envelope Filter including a (the Agent 00Funk) and Fuzz (that of Brown Dog). It can also act as Octavian. Effects are analog, but the configuration is done via digital and LCD display. The effects are editable and can be s…

  • Behringer Bass Synthesizer BSY600

    Behringer Bass Synthesizer BSY600 - manuk's review


    It's a synth bass with 11 modes DIFFERENT rglages -Direct -Effect -Freq -Rsonance -Rate (mode36) decay Slecteur 11 modes (3 saw, square 3 3pulse, wave) Technology rsm (????) Connectors -1 Input power supply 1Between-instrument …

  • Akai Professional Unibass UB1

    Akai Professional Unibass UB1 - romico's review


    - What are the effects or types of effects available? a kind of bass harmonizer that simulates a rhythm guitar and more. octaver + distortion - What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...) analog - Are they ditables? Via an editor …

  • Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original)

    Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original) - dookieW's review


    I do this more: ZE PEDAL for me it to turn your bass synthesizer. It is purely analogue so we have a real warm, but not the memory capacity to store digital sets: short is all set to live. Connections jack in / out jack and power supply non-rac…