Rip Tie CableWrap
Rip Tie CableWrap

CableWrap, Other Cable/Connector from Rip Tie.

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moosers 03/28/2011

Rip Tie CableWrap : moosers's user review


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Rip Tie's CableWrap is one of the heaviest cable ties that Rip Tie has to offer. They're a one stop shop for cable ties of all shapes and sizes, designed of course to keep your cables of all types wrapped up and nice and neat. The ties come together with velcro, making for an easy pull off and put on system that still leaves everything nice and neat. I've worked at a variety of different studios, most of which have had some Rip Tie cable ties in some capacity for use with their microphone and instrument cables. The CableWrap ties in particular are some of the best that Rip Tie has to offer and a great way to keep your cables nice and organized. While it might not be totally necessary to get the CableWraps for all of your cables, I'd check out the other types of cable ties that they have to offer, as there are a ton that are less expensive if you don't feel you need the heaviest ties. The CableWraps in particular are great because they easily fit all the way around any cable and make a nice and neat bow wrapped around them. I'd probably only recommend using this for those cables that are of the utmost importance to you and would be your most heavy duty cables. Otherwise, the cheaper ties will do the job just fine. They do make even sturdier ties than this, as there's also a version of the CableWrap with a buckle for an even tighter grasp on your cable. I don't know what these cost exactly, but they aren't much and all it takes is a one time buy to keep your cables as organized as possible. Maybe these are necessary in a home studio, but they'll definitely be helpful and in professional studios they're a must have for keeping your cables organized.