Ibanez SR405
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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Ibanez SR405

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Fabio_Lyon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez SR405


The handle is nice (for a 5 string).
Access to acute is ... 'Blah blah'. 24 frets is a long time!
The shape is perfect for me. As for weight, it is certainly a little heavy, but you get done quickly.
His level, you get something correct easily thanks to microphones and versatile active electronics.




Good mid-range low (between medium and low end I might add). I like the sound of active pickups, especially the bass it provides. One can easily go from jazz to rock to rock but the thing is the metal (especially for korn styles etc.) but be warned, this bass is not for funk and slap with another style (can not SLAPP EASILY! The pickups are VERY-TOO-BIG). The handle is nice but there are always better (Caution: for a 5-string bass entry level, the handle (and everything else for that matter) is more than satisfactory!). So basically this bass is perfect for a little way before reaching the next level ... In a few years I will opt for a U.S. Jazzbass 5c or 4c Musicman while keeping my Ibanez. I jazzeux base, but I also have a death punk band, this bass suits me for the nickel price at which I got (to Audiofanzine argus).

Added 03/12/08:
Over time this low me tired. I just bought a Fender Jazz Bass U.S. in 1989 (edition 22 Frets) and ... Actually ... This is the day and night! With the Bass you can type in the Rock (genre huum seventies ...), Jazz, Punk (Matt Freeman aah!) Or any other style of music that has a very heavy bass good =)
This Ibanez was finally sold contrary to what I said. But I regret nothing, it is a low level limited sonic palette. For metal, industrial, and the other something like that it's okay. After bah ... It all depends on what you want!