Ibanez SR405
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Ibanez SR405

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 8 reviews )
 3 reviews38 %
 4 reviews50 %
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MGR/Twitchy's review"Ibanez SR405"

Ibanez SR405
I acquired the ibanez bass guitar by referreeing lacrosse games, I bought it Giovanni Yamaha Music in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As in walked into the store the resilient lacquer finish caught my eye I had originally been planning to be a Fender Jazz Bass, but was lured by the sheer unadulterated power and feel of this Bass Guitar. I bought the guitar for $750 Canadian

This Bass guitar has a neck with an amazing feel great for playing almost all styles of music. In addition, this five string is surprisingly great for a funkadelia and slap Bass which I am particular too. Similarly, the pickups give a great sound, and are active making agressive play, sound beautiful. The tone knobs give either a soft, soultry tone or a powerful abrasive sound. Also the playability of this guitar cannot be matched so for all you metalheads no need to worry about the inability to play quickly and powerful. The fretting on this guitar is great the frets higher give a hush hollow sound great for soloing.

The guitar has active pickups so it can be annoying to change the battery especially if you play often. Another dislike of mine on the topic of the SR405 is the cheap factory that are on the guitar when you buy it squeak like mice

The construction quality of this guitar is very good. Although the tuning pegs can be a little bit fussy. The input jack on this Bass is exquisite it will never fall out because it is but a hole in the guitar with nothing surrounding it.

If your playing in a band and want a professional level Bass for a reasonable price this is the Bass Guitar for you. It's maple neck rosewood fretboard, pearl dot inlays all make this Bass exquisite.This guitar is great for playing funk rock and metal because of its durability, playabilty and sheer power.

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MGR/IncuFanProto's review"Ibanez SR 405"

Ibanez SR405
I bought my SR405 at Guitar Trader in San Diego for $315.

The 3 band eq is very nice because it makes it easy to change tone. The neck is pretty thin for a five string, but not too thin. The sound is very smooth (also a con). The natural finish looks very nice. It's cheap for a five string with active electronics.

The SR405 lacks any real growl (it's very "smooth"), depending on the style of music that you want to play. The strings that come with it arent great, but they certainly are adequate.

Very high quality, no problems with the construction whatsoever. Feels very solid. The knobs are really on there.

An excellent budget 5 string with many features found in higher priced basses. It is well constructed and sounds good, except it lacks a growl.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Ibanez SR405"

Ibanez SR405
After playing Ibanez basses for about 5yrs, it was natural to stay with them when I ventured out for a new toy. I purchased my SR205 for $520 at my local shop, and it was worth it.

First a foremost the tone is excellent, I've played around with almost all the top name basses in the $300 - $800 price range and this is if not one of the best.

Well my only complaint is that Ibanez needs to factor better strings, for 500+sumpter, I expected better stringing! But go out and get some Ernie Ball or your choice and your set/

If you setup to low B this mug can be crucial! Playing in my band I have to play hard and loud and try my best not to let the lead guitarist drown my sound....let's just say I love this bass. 2 octaves in every 5 frets of the 24 frets, maple body, 3 piece maple neck and rosewood finger, DX5 pickups and about 45mm at the nut...sweet!

It's light, well crafted, and can take a beating and still sound great! So for all you KoRn, Mudvayne, and Rage kids that toss things....this is a bass that can suffer such abuse!

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com