Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom
Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom

D.L. Signature Pro-Custom, Other Electric Guitar from Capelli.

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guigui01 02/12/2014

Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom : guigui01's user review

« Guitar exception MADE IN JURA »

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The guitar was made by luthier Christophe Capelli, which is installed in the Jura. The guitar has 24 frets, a form DL Custom with reverse head. It is equipped with a Schaller floyd rose brand, mechanical gotoh, a volume knob with the split neck pickup, 2 dual coils Bare Knuckle (nailbomb with ceramic magnet bridge pickup and neck pickup painkiller). The guitar has a 3-position selector.
The handle has a typical profile Gibson SG 59. The woods used are: accajou for the neck and body a flamed maple top, quilted maple back and middle of the accajou. The finish is translucent red with a tree of life in oysters along the handle.
You should know that all these spécificitées were seen with the maker (of the form through the woods, the type of varnish, the position of the selector or the position of the volume knob ...) during an entire afternoon to be sure that the guitar best suits my needs while with the technical constraints related to manufacturing. All woods have been chosen with Christophe unprocessed, and it pointed me in terms of sound expectations I had on the wood that would fit best. The same applies to microphones, the pitch of the guitar ...


The handle is very nice, with the last boxes scalopées keys. At the same time, the handle was made according to my requests and expectations, because I like the comfort sleeves Gibson Les Paul, and I wanted something reproaching himself, while being faster in the treble. The opinion of the luthier was very valuable because it pointed me to a form of the final round which fits perfectly to my expectations.
The weight of the guitar, despite all parties accajou is reasonable, and it actually forms a very balanced guitar, which remains in the position where it is placed. It allows both a game sitting and standing. Access to acute is very easy to share heel shape.
The only small bémole (history to find a fault) could be the jack placed in the back of the instrument, which may interfere with the following jack used slightly but changing jack is quickly forgotten.


I wanted to make a graven thrash metal guitar, but that can be a bit of versatility.
This guitar fills this function extensively and is comfortable in many registers, despite the presence of 2 humbuckers with ceramic magnets, because the neck pickup can be split, and lets out a very crystal clear sounds sounds . (That was me who asked not to have this option on the bridge pickup).
I get with this guitar sounds fat while being accurate at a time. The guitar fits perfectly tuning despite intensive use of pink floyd.
I asked for a sound closer to Les Paul, but less dark, and this is what I got, or even better!
Afterwards, I had the opportunity to meet several times before Christophe him this guitar, he knows my game and already settled my other guitars, it was easier to explain what I wanted by the comparison with the guitars I have.

I plug in an amp Capelli NOS, and the mixture of 2 is pure happiness.


I use this guitar for 4 years soon.
Before buying this guitar, I played on the following guitar I always:
- A Gibson Les Paul Studio
- Aria pro 2 MA 40
- A jackson DX10D
I also played the following guitars that I sold:
- A jackson RR3
- A custom Lag The Beast
- An Epiphone Les paul
- Plus many other guitars tried store or loaned by friends

What I like most about this guitar is that it is unique as designed according to my expectations, with wood, microphones, mechanical, shapes, ... I could choose. Making it also an instrument hard to judge, or to the fact that I waited so long to put a notice.

For once, this is the guitar that is suited to my playing and not the reverse, which was a little unsettling at first, but I am very quick to me: D

The guitar has the sound I wanted, and I can play it for hours without realizing it. This has become my favorite guitar at the expense of others that I have.

What I like least ... nothing!

With the experience I would do without hesitation that choice, and if I had a little money aside, I would have re-taken the plunge long as there are other forms with other wood I would like to test.
The value for money is unbeatable for a custom made guitar. Luthier Capelli is available, either by phone or at his studio (by appointment), and he answers all questions.

This is an enthusiast who loves his job and it shows on his guitars. The guitar was made in less than 3 months, and I was able to follow the progress with the photos I received regularly. I also had the possibilié to come try the neck of the guitar when he was being cut to check the thickness I wanted.

If you still hesitate, call Christopher, talk with him, and I think his love of the guitar and a job well done will convince you.