Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom
Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom

D.L. Signature Pro-Custom, Other Electric Guitar from Capelli.

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linuxforever 03/04/2007

Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom : linuxforever's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Product MADE IN FRANCE! For our dear Luthier Capelli, entirely hand made (no Capelli, guitar!)
So for the characteristics of the beast, it's good so I have chosen Custom what I wanted it:

For the guitar itself:
- Flamed maple body and mahogany from Honduras
- 24 cases with scalopage the last 7, 6 strings, frets medium.
- Finish: Gloss Black Gradient translucent green (it will see on the picture ;-) )
- Neck: U.S. eye maple, rosewood and Madagascar.
- Head: "Capelli Std" varnish, natural wood color.
- Profile of the handle: "TM", width at nut to the 24th 42./58. Carbon reinforcement.
- Reason: Tree of Life green pearl, thin rod.
- Finish: Natural Satin.

For mail:
- Micro: 2 Dimarzio (DP159-158) Evolution Series (without entourage) (the same as Steve Vai).
- Volume 1, and a selector Scheller Pro 5 positions.

For mechanical
- Ibanez Floyd "Lock Pro Edge" black.
- Strings 010-046
- Mechanical Gotok black head.
- Custom Black Strap Lock.

In addition comes with the hard carrying case.
Total price: € 2500


The handle is very nice, also it is possible to make the changes necessary to make it even more enjoyable (to do with the maker). It is a great interest to do according to his desires and needs, but can be adapted, one thing is not even a year after we can redo the changes (and more free for some little thing). Possibility of a review every month.

Access to acute is hyper-easy (I asked the luthier to make sure to have better access to acute, and he designed the guitar according to my desires.)

The guitar is light and easy to handle, we can play as they want without any constraints. The form allows you to play guitar by laying comfortably on the thigh (at Petrucci during his solos.).

Sound is excellent both in light as in full, then he will certainly be different to other microphones. But it suits me incredibly.

I have a habit every time I take a guitar to play, to see if it is properly tuned. I quickly lost that habit with this guitar. I lot, and like magic it did not tune. I can play for hours and hours without retuning, and even using the VIBRATO like a crazy!
So that I retunes only when I change the strings (about once a month).


It is perfect for my style of music, the sound is very pure, and I get all the sounds I want.


I have had the quote November 7, 2005, and construction began shortly thereafter with a minimum time for February, and I had the 1st March 2006. So it's a year since I have, and I'm still happy. In addition to the adjustment and maintenance free with the maker, it is in good hands.

I love the fact that it does not go out of tune, the sound is great, very enjoyable to play.

I tried various model store, but those who have the greatest impact are those of the luthier, he experienced so much. Her salon is full of guitar. Before I decided to make me one, I had the chance to try it, and each guitar has its particularity. And it was then that I thought that I had to make myself a tailor. And as soon as I got in the (2500 € on it is not cheap, but you need to know what you want), I have not hesitated to begin manufacturing.
I had the option of paying in installments, the price / quality ratio is excellent.

I would do without hesitation that choice, and right now I put in the odds for me to make another, but this time 7-string, and I do not know what I would do special on it. Just look at the website of the maker to realize the enormous possibilities of the guitar. ( )