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baxbrin 04/19/2008

Hohner G3T : baxbrin's user review


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T technically everything said before.

A ajot all of the same: the vibrato has a system that guts assumed to block the vibrato in case of breakage of rope that never worked (the screen does not catch the paw that he should block).

The switches on / off the pickups are well regarded, especially with the push-pull phase / out of phase.

I also up 10-46 because I like the strings rsistent ... but sound more.


Getting Started fabulous (for a machine as Drout at first), easy. It's fair and simple ergonomics. For the pattern of the handle, I think it's a good compromise between trs and pulpy round handle low-profile. Black belts speed race there probably will find their account.


L I do not agree with the criticism of other opinions. By trying to live a good range of lamps (stacks JCM JCM 900 and 80 among others if I remember correctly), with clear sound distortion - but natural - a really sounds. Do not ask him to imitate the sound of certain REFERENCE, but it has a real sound. It is usable and exploitable without blushing, and more than a simple use of guitar "travel" (a term that I find elsewhere trspjorative).

Really, it sounds and much better than some of the japanese REFERENCE "boilerplate".


I have for 10 years, the violin is good enough for the sound gets better with time. I guitars of references, but it ultimately serves me most often (always handy). Even if I end a concert with it (rope breaks), I know exactly what sound I'll take ... for me it's pro.

I got it for 150 euros in a deposit-sales (to miss): I would say in my case ratio Q / P unbeatable.

Only BMOL: the trick of blocking the vibrato does not work.

Ajot from 22/06/2010.
Well I have always and I still love it. However I must prvenir at the level SAV Hohner are dogs. The knives are changing vibrato, but refuses to provide my Hohner luthier.Si I contact them directly, they send me back to the store I bought my guitar o ... store that no longer exists. Nice guys, here is a brand that I bar my list of future purchases.