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goguelu 05/04/2007

Hohner G3T : goguelu's user review


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This guitar is made in Korea I believe.
Body and handle Rabl.
24 key rosewood boxes.
3 microphone "selected by EMG" (2 single + 1 double)
A switch on / off by micro simple
A switch off / splittdouble for micro double.
CONTRL of a tone and a volume.
Black or gray color (mine is gray but it is less simple tastes and colors ...)
Steinberger vibrato bridge +
Support retractable game sitting
CHARACTERISTICS of "classical" many guitars that have been proven.


The handle is round & flat key.
To some it does not agree may be.
In my case I find a comfortable.
Access in acute is remarkable given the size of the body of the instrument.
The weight is low & the gnral balance is good.
I was a little afraid of losing my back on this guitar without a head, the body so small and not find my support.
As thundering as it may seem I felt comfortable trs quickly to play standing or sitting (with the retractable support).
With regard to the sound, I better with other of my guitars.
But to work at home (and even in rptition) or to take him a beef impromptu this is enough.
MRIT it other microphones?
Can be ... if this is your guitar scne and again ...


For rock, blues, funk, was the fact (I did it up in 10-46 because it's pulling that I like but not the original).
I plug into my old Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is like I said above less than my other guitars over type.
But its main quality is that it can be taken anywhere: in the metro, in bike, motorcycle, plane!


I use it for one week.
A hot it is on notice that it will take into perspective later.
I love its ease of use and transport.
I like the least but it's difficult to make I think.
Before buying this guitar, I also INTERESTED guitars Traveler.
They appeared to me less & less versatile Aesthetics.
They are in the same price range (try rue Victor Masse Paris
You for your money, this is a really good Hohner guitar the transportabilit more!
I do it again without hsiter this choice, I need a guitar of this type in my dplacements.