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Hohner G3T : Anonymous 's user review


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It has already been well described previously!
Mine, purchased in Germany was not included with the cover
and missing the next round tie belt ...


Handle very comfortable and well finished
At first it was a little concerned and ultimately we feel very comfortable with this G3T,
the repartition of the masses is very good and this guitar does not tend to look
one side or the other.
The retractable landing gear is handy when sitting.


The original pickups are not the highlight of the Hohner!
I think the change one day because they lack personality.
In mobile use, they still have enough ...


I had also interrested Traveler guitars before buying, but opinions were
G3T best on this, it has more than three microphones instead of one of its competitor.
Very good finish and wasp waist that allows you to discreetly take him on a trip!

In short a very attractive guitar music despite the weakness of its microphones, comfort
game and the overall balance is very good.