francoisqueinnec2 06/10/2006

Hohner G3T : francoisqueinnec2's user review


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Travel Guitar, very small and therefore very practical.
Comes with cover.
Pickups 1 Double (splittable), 2 single
Steinberger vibrato (yes!)
Volume + Ring + 3 switches (one for mic)


To play sitting down, there is a kind of crutch very convenient way to play comfortably ...
The vibrato has a small lever to lock it completely .. The guitar behaves like a fixed bridge (it is mainly this mode I use)
This guitar strings need two special balls. But on the other cot is very practical, the strings are changed very quickly.
I've just never seen a guitar into the agreement as well .. The absence of head and cl is definitely for you!
At first, it is very very disturbed by the absence of head ... It's been a strange feeling when playing in the bass, you lose your bearings .. But we made it very very quickly ...
The guitar is quite heavy despite its size ... The handle is big enough .. All this certainly has to ensure a good sustain this guitar (which is the case).


Well, for a travel guitar because it's still its main feature, it sounds really pretty! not bad at all even! The "Select by EMG" are not bad, but no more either ... Let them do their job without excel.
The sharp split the microphone provides sound typical of a single coil, for against, no sound as hollow as an intermediate position with a Start (certainly a detail Phase easy to adjust)


I use it for 5 years, and I lugs around everywhere! It is a pleasure .. The ideal companion Korg Pandora PX4 my (which is no problem in the cover of this guitar) :-)
An happiness!
Yes I do it again this choice with his eyes closed!

.. on the other hand, once at home, I do not touch more .. I have more (but less practice MOVE ;-))