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Madbrain62 06/04/2007

Hohner The Jack : Madbrain62's user review


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Same fight that the G2 or G3 there is the form that changes, which indeed can play sitting easily unlike his younger sisters.
Asian acastillage Steinberger guitar and microphones Select (license EMG) liabilities.
2 micros double + 1 single splitable.
Opportunities microphones: Independent switching of microphones switch, Micro double splitable, phase inversion on the humbucker.
Settings: volume + tone

Neck-thick 24 cases, flat and thin frets.


The violin and finish are flawless, the guitar and quite heavy and stable.
The thick handle provides a very good sustain, by being against the handle just a little too thick and very flat frets it requires some practice and severely limits the speed of play

The Steinberger hardware that entry-level works very well contrary to what can be written to other opinions, notament the remark on the bridges on the vibrato there is one screw that lock the bridges in the crowded against each others.

Mine is now 10 years and has not moved a centimeter.
Access to acute is perfect thanks to its shape.


The EMG pickups sound good licensed frankly even if they lack color and personalitées.

The system 3 + phase inversion switch allows an impressive combination making it a good guitar for Rock FM studio, because the range is very wide, as
well its clear that mild smacking style fender or saturated.

For the scene to find a better amp with the character to make up the sound too "impersonal" the guitar .... Studio RAS Wraps!

For strings, one finds not everywhere (not just the ties) must usually be ordered and was not far from the double compared with single strings balls.
It yaa my conaissance 2 brands and GHS Steinberger.
The Steinberger sound much better but are very fragile 9-42 and they are also very expensive ....


A headless scratch "funny" and engaging that generally inherited the nickname of the "stick" ......... the stick "Steinberger" of course!