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Marty62100 05/09/2006

Hohner The Jack : Marty62100's user review


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The characteristics are described in the notice.

As I tried to have a copy since I guess he s acting for a "Jackie Jackson". I specify all the same that the said copy has not been paid 3 francs 6 soux but already has a respectable price. (Rosewood handle, good quality violin ...)


Use. is precisely the problem for what I've seen in this guitar.
I think the base is solid, micro selector positions .. ca ca gere always good not bad. The BIG HIC! is at the easel.

When it breaks or removes the small rope "bridges" or "plots" are moving. that is to say that they get by breaking a string for example. I do comprned so pleased how we can have a stable intonation ... must be brought closer or farther away the bridge height adjustment .. instaler his rope, but that it must be mounted without disturbing the dial down. The tuning knobs are likely to crash. we can not provide.

So on the use I have a small problem because we have to settle, even up the strings, I bump my voi Assé wrong bridge in full concert so unfortunately I have that guitar ...
I think because of this it was not a scratch for a while the world must already be a connoisseur to buy that kind of scratch and do not be afraid to re-settle all the time.


The sound is good, at least on the "Jackie Jackson" perfect sound to the full. very thick is present except when the tuning is lacking.


The guitar sounded good, but frankly no better that an epiphone G400 or other so I di not much bother with m bridges and other moving source problem. like the strings not always easy to find.