Moog Music Paul Vo Collector Edition Guitar
Moog Music Paul Vo Collector Edition Guitar
songboy 09/02/2011

Moog Music Paul Vo Collector Edition Guitar : songboy's user review

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The Moog Guitar is produced in my home town of Asheville, North Carolina USA. I purchased the fixed bridge but I believe you can get it with the Rose Floyd Bridge. It is a Neck Thru design for the neck of the guitar. It also has 22 frets. The pickups are a Moog Custom design that also have Piezos in the Saddle. They sound very good actually. It has the standard volume per pickup, mix knob, tone and also a few sweet extras. It has a built in 12 stage moog filter (that can be controlled with an expression pedal) and also the very awesome '"VO power" which creates the signature effect.


The body has a cutaway style making it easy to access all notes on the bridge. This guitar has an excellent warm tone (as to be expected from Moog) and you can easily dial in a great guitar sound. Using the VO power can be a little tricky and is really like nothing else out there with the exception of the Ebow. At least it has the same EBOW sound capabilities plus more (able to resonate multiple strings unlike the ebow) but operates much differently. The guitar is a little heavy compared to my Parker Fly but it very comfortable overall and the neck is very nicely formed to play nice with your hand.


I use this guitar with every effect I can get my hands on but mostly with Reverb, Delay (must have) and Moog Ring Modulation. The delay really helps with creating "Pads" on this guitar.
My favorite sounds are the pads I can generate out of this guitar. I like to play it on my lap and use both hands to fret. The main sounds you will get out of this guitar alone are of course clean crisp guitar tone, a wah effect from the built in Lowpass Filter and crazy morphing sounds with the VO power option. I play electronica/Rock mainly these days and this guitar fits perfectly for that style.


What I like most about this guitar is I don't need to use my somewhat clumsy Ebow to get the fun "violin"/"Pad" sounds I love. What's even better is that is can vibrate all the strings on the fretboard for really large intense pad action. The only complaint I have about this guitar is the VO power knob seems slightly unbalanced. Half way turned doesn't seem to give you half of the overall VO power. I generally have to have it almost completely wide open (about %75) to get the VO power to really engage. This could be the nature of the effect though as it is fairly complicated and I don't quite understand completely how it works. The studio I work for bought this so fortunately I didn't have to shell out all that money. If I could afford my own, I would as it is worth every penny. Top notch Quality and sound on this Guitar. Moog seems to turn everything they touch into gold. I have used several guitars and also ebows. This unit combines them both extremely well. Yes, I would definitely buy another if I could.