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Other Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Hohner The Jack

    Hohner The Jack - jeanphi2433's review


    Particulire guitar very, very bulky (no head) and quite lgre, imitation Steingerger for the bridge and the rest of fittings. Channel 24 frets and EMG pickups imitation. UTILIZATION Channel pais a little, very acute accessible. SOUNDS Once t…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - Jacky Nat's review


    If the mark is well known that cr Hofner Violin Bass in the famous Paul McCartney, this little guitar is made in China. In the 80's was out the Hofner Shorty made in Germany. You could see and hear Mike Oldfield and play with Chris Rea MODEL. Now…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - Marmotte666's review


    Everything said about the t CHARACTERISTICS of the instrument. UTILIZATION Much to start with what FCHE, the body is certainly small but suddenly the instrument is totally dsquilibr ... Play is not sitting empty, it must send the guitar solidly w…

  • Brian Moore i1

    Brian Moore i1 - [Iryan]'s review


    Amricaine guitar made in Korea 22 frets. 3 Seymour Duncan: 2 double pickups Alnico II Hum (his jazz, blues ...) in JB and the neck pickup Hum (well big sat.) In a simple pickup and the Alnico Single (vintage rock ) Vibrato Two knobs: volume and…

  • Casio PG 310 Guitar Synth

    Casio PG 310 Guitar Synth - stratvinc's review


    Guitar-shaped stratovolcano made in Japan equipped with a sensor integrated MIDI alder body maple neck rosewood fingerboard 22 frets 2 micros simple PS-581A double PH-641A MIDI sensor near the bridge synchronized tremolo 5 position selector …

  • Traveler Guitar Pro-Series

    Traveler Guitar Pro-Series - vgytwk's review


    Traveler is a registered amricaine. A small adhesive label on the back of the instrument indicates, however, a Chinese manufacturing. SPECIFICATIONS for, see the website of the brand ... include: the neck and body are one and the same pice, whi…

  • Traveler Guitar Speedster

    Traveler Guitar Speedster - DomZilla's review


    Chinese manufacturing. Neck-through body - Eastern American Hard Maple (Channel driver / Maple) The handle acts as a body Fingerboard: Ebonized Rosewood (Rosewood) 22 frets Scale length: 24 3 / 4 inches Neck Width at Nut: 1 3 / 4 inches …

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - ossanha's review


    It's a cheap travel guitar, made in China, a bill is very simple: - About 85 cm long, a box of 25x15cm and a custom cover; - A handle 24 cases, of normal size, with average mechanical quality, which are nevertheless pretty good agreement; - A p…

  • Hohner G3T

    Hohner G3T - baxbrin's review


    T technically everything said before. A ajot all of the same: the vibrato has a system that guts assumed to block the vibrato in case of breakage of rope that never worked (the screen does not catch the paw that he should block). The switches o…

  • Breeze Custom Ltd Airiax

    Breeze Custom Ltd Airiax - ozzyozburne's review


    Well then, I must be the first not to be satisfied all: I bought a secondhand Airiax a friend, 1200, nine State. Ok, the sound is impeccable finish but I do not feel, handle me Drang, difficult to explain. Oh yes, I have had with a tui hard to avoid …