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Other Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom

    Capelli D.L. Signature Pro-Custom - linuxforever's review


    Product MADE IN FRANCE! For our dear Luthier Capelli, entirely hand made (no Capelli, guitar!) So for the characteristics of the beast, it's good so I have chosen Custom what I wanted it: For the guitar itself: - Flamed maple body and mahogany…

  • Hohner G3T

    Hohner G3T - francoisqueinnec2's review


    Travel Guitar, very small and therefore very practical. Comes with cover. Pickups 1 Double (splittable), 2 single Steinberger vibrato (yes!) Volume + Ring + 3 switches (one for mic) UTILIZATION To play sitting down, there is a kind of cru…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - WhaRat's review


    Made in Germany 21 frets Fixed bridge tone volume U Handle UTILIZATION Not at all ... not scratching a chier its not good SOUNDS Not at all I play a blues junior jobtien no sound good OVERALL OPINION <…

  • Hohner The Jack

    Hohner The Jack - Marty62100's review


    The characteristics are described in the notice. As I tried to have a copy since I guess he s acting for a "Jackie Jackson". I specify all the same that the said copy has not been paid 3 francs 6 soux but already has a respectable price. (Rosewood…

  • Township Guitars TG550C model 2

    Township Guitars TG550C model 2 - olaf greuntsson's review


    Origin: Cape Town (South Africa) Guitar made from a can of gasoline brand Castrol by a craftsman who the Cape Mount to sell its box (it has a website but I did not find it. As it is above all a question style more than quality prevails, I will not …

  • Yamaha EZ-AG

    Yamaha EZ-AG - secman's review


    - Of course it is Made In China - 12 frets all plastic, and for those who would have not noticed there is no string at the frets but merely illuminated buttons! UTILIZATION - Plastic handle neither too large nor too small, perfect for small han…

  • Hohner G2 Tremolo

    Hohner G2 Tremolo - Feupied's review


    The Hohner G2 Tremolo guitar is a small and almost no head without a body, for comparison's about the size of a tennis racket. The handle has a normal length, however, it is characterized by a substantial thickness and a very round profile, it has …

  • No Name Guitare Electrique

    No Name Guitare Electrique - bara's review


    This guitar is only one copy: mine! But I did not rsist the pleasure of telling you!! This is a custom manufactured by Chenaouy Kamel, luthier niois DCRI but effective. I brought him a round of Ibanez RG550, and I asked him to rebuild around me, b…

  • No Name Guitare Electrique

    No Name Guitare Electrique - damienb's review


    Model maker (France) with original body and sleeves (Japan) Price: 400 Channel 22 frets, 25.5 " Alder Alder corp + table Maple neck + keys palisandre configuration microphones (2 humbukers) Di Marzio Tone zonza + X2-n vintage fender b…

  • Hohner G3T

    Hohner G3T - Big Bad Pete's review


    Made in Core. 24 frets Steinberger vibrato (excellent! Almost as well as a Floyd agreed to hold much more convenient than the Floyd to change the strings: 30 seconds. Yes, yes!) 3 EMG select: no longer correct. Channel? This guitar is just a …