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  • Voxengo Plugin Updates

    Voxengo Plugin Updates

    01/11/10 in Voxengo Beeper [Freeware]

    Voxengo has updated two of its free plug-ins, Beeper and Stereo Touch, to v2.1.

  • SKnote "Attitude" Series Synths

    SKnote "Attitude" Series Synths

    01/06/10 in SKnote Unpolite

    SKnote has announced that the first three small synths in the "Attitude" series are now available.

  • SKnote Unpolite

    SKnote Unpolite

    12/23/09 in SKnote Unpolite

    SKnote has announced Unpolite, the first in a new series of "attitude" desktop synthesizers.

  • Intelligent Sounds & Music SCAF

    Intelligent Sounds & Music SCAF

    12/15/09 in Intelligent Sounds & Music SCAF

    Intelligent Sounds & Music (ISM) has announced the release of SCAF, a new Sidechain-Controlled Amp & Filter VST effect plug-in for Windows.

  • cochleor Harmony Improvisator Demo

    cochleor Harmony Improvisator Demo

    12/14/09 in cochleor Harmony Improvisator

    cochleor has released a demo version of its harmonic composition tool, Harmony Improvisator, for Windows and Mac OS X (Intel only).

  • cochleor Harmony Improvisator

    cochleor Harmony Improvisator

    12/06/09 in cochleor Harmony Improvisator

    Jonathan Schmid-Burgk has announced that he is now distributing his plug-ins under the new cochleor brand and that a completely reinvented version of the Harmony Improvisator plug-in is now available. s and Mac OS X (Intel) in the VST effect format and now costs €99 (incl. 19% tax) / $129.

  • Heavens*On Earth Godel

    Heavens*On Earth Godel

    12/01/09 in Heavens*On Earth Godel

    Heavens*onEarth has announced the release of Godel, a new polyphonic arpeggiator ensemble for Native Instruments' Reaktor.

  • NoiseSoft Qu

    NoiseSoft Qu

    11/30/09 in NoiseSoft Qu

    The Qu is a new VST quad filter effect plug-in for Windows.

  • de la Mancha fr33some

    de la Mancha fr33some

    11/30/09 in De La Mancha fr33some

    The latest plugin from the de la Mancha workshops is a freeware, 3-band splitter called fr33some.

  • miniSoftMusik ModCat v2

    miniSoftMusik ModCat v2

    11/15/09 in MiniSoftMusik ModCat v2

    miniSoftMusik has released updates for Symetrizer (v1.5), UniRetroPro (v2.5) and ModCat (v2.0).