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  • SSL X-Orcism [Freeware]

    SSL X-Orcism [Freeware]

    11/03/08 in SSL X-Orcism [Freeware]

    In response to ghost stories of economic doom and gloom, Solid State Logic, manufacturer of professional digital and analogue consoles, invites you to celebrate the festival of witches and ghouls with a bit of fun. SSL is proud to offer you 'X-orcism,' their free Halloween VST/AU format plug-in. Feed in your voice and you will be transformed into …

  • Focusrite Liquid Mix HD

    Focusrite Liquid Mix HD

    10/03/08 in Focusrite Liquid Mix HD

    Liquid Mix for Pro Tools HD.

  • Schwa TinMan

    Schwa TinMan

    09/14/08 in Schwa TinMan

    Schwa has announced the release of TinMan, an auto-peaking resonant filter with multiple pitch detection and individually triggered attack/decay envelopes.

  • QuikQuak Crowd Chamber

    QuikQuak Crowd Chamber

    05/23/08 in QuikQuak Crowd Chamber

    QuikQuak has released Crowd Chamber - an audio plug-in that layers multiple variations of a signal to create a crowd simulation.

  • Antares Systems Voice Thing!

    Antares Systems Voice Thing!

    02/24/08 in Antares Audio Technology Voice Thing!

    Antares releases voice changing effect for Windows.

  • Elevayta Wamp Boy [Freeware]

    Elevayta Wamp Boy [Freeware]

    02/11/08 in Elevayta Wamp Boy [Freeware]

    Elevayta presents Wamp Boy, a plug-in for Winamp.

  • Db Audioware Vocal Intensifier

    Db Audioware Vocal Intensifier

    02/11/08 in db Audioware Vocal Intensifier

    Db Audioware introduces Vocal Intensifier.