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I use this power for a little over three years ... And we must recognize that I have a little trouble me go now ..
Because beyond all considerations of better sound (or not) by the use of this system, it brings me comfort is undeniable:
1) No need to think about disconnecting the instrument (bass and electro-acoustic guitar, for me) to preserve battery life.
2) more from the first: connectivity preserved. A jack socket is tired also, by dint of connections / disconnections ..
3) No need to test the battery before a set.
4) A certain economy, despite all the worries ... Having not get stranded or have a loser as a full concert, I put up a new battery every time ... This can be reveal a mania obsessionelle, I should ...
Some say he just passive switcher (for low), if any .. M'enfin good, if I choose to play with a pre-amplified instrument is to use such that ...
5) ensuring optimum operation of the pre-amp, and therefore have the best possible sound all the time ...

Now, the sound is it better than batteries? I venture to answer common Norman: perhaps have ben that yes, perhaps have ben qu'non!
In fact, everything depends on the quality and rechargeable batteries that are used. Moult for doing tests, I would say that you do not hear no difference with a new battery or a battery, both of superior quality. Parcontre with the same battery cells having the same or a few hours flight , yes .. Nothing to fall backwards either, but the fact is there ... And the higher the quality of the battery (new) or the battery (fully charged) used decreases, the greater the difference is heard quickly ... View instantly.

The criticisms that I could make are:
1) the construction of the "box", Alu. I would have preferred a metal a bit more "beefy". What .. does not stop to be reliable.
2) not being able to "transfer" to the foot, so stompbox.

That said, I can only recommend this power supply, be it for the "heads-in-the air". It allows me, too, to focus on what I do best: play music ...

The price is what it is (99 euros at the time)., But it is not more expensive than a good pedal effect. Then, well ...
In my case, this "financial investment" was paid back in one short year ...

With no reliability problems, juqu'à this (although I still have some spare batteries). Seen and the comfort it brings, I would do this choice without hesitation ..