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Other Guitar Effects news

  • Rocktron Texas Recoiler

    Rocktron Texas Recoiler

    02/20/11 in Rocktron Texas Recoiler

    Rocktron has introduced the Texas Recoiler, part of the Rocktron Series of stompboxes.

  • Godlyke TK-01 Triskelion

    Godlyke TK-01 Triskelion

    11/09/10 in Totally Wycked Audio TK-01 Triskelion

    Godlyke announced the second offering under the TWA brand, the TK-01 Triskelion, which is expected to ship during the 4th quarter of 2010.

  • Dwarfcraft Devices Loop Mangler

    Dwarfcraft Devices Loop Mangler

    06/13/10 in Dwarfcraft Devices Loop Mangler

    This little device from Dwarfcraft features a pair of effects loops arranged in parallel, mixed via joystick, with feedback capabilities.

  • MythFX Triton Modulation Pedal

    MythFX Triton Modulation Pedal

    05/20/10 in MythFX Triton Modulation Pedal

    The Triton is a modulation pedal that offers multiple, studio-grade guitar effects in a pedalboard enclosure with flexible controls.

  • [Musikmesse] T-Rex Chorus + Flanger Pedal

    [Musikmesse] T-Rex Chorus + Flanger Pedal

    03/23/10 in T-Rex Engineering ToneBug Chorus + Flanger

    Chorus / Flanger is designed to give you a "beautiful, richly textured chorus and a wonderful flanger sound," according to T-Rex.

  • [Musikmesse] New Blackstar Amplification Effects

    [Musikmesse] New Blackstar Amplification Effects

    03/19/10 in Blackstar Amplification HT Effects Pedals

    Blackstar announced the launch of three new effects pedals: HT–Delay, HT–Modulation and HT–Reverb.

  • Mellowtone Party Favors Pedals

    Mellowtone Party Favors Pedals

    12/06/09 in Mellowtone Mini Wolf CPU

    Mellowtone announced the official release of the Party Favor series of affordable handmade boutique guitar effects pedals.

  • FH(fx) Presents The Hugger v2

    FH(fx) Presents The Hugger v2

    12/16/08 in FuzzHugger (fx) The Hugger v2

    FH(fx) has updated the Hugger, its dual-boost loop, for the new year.

  • Pro Tone Olde Wolbers Small Tone Pre Amp

    Pro Tone Olde Wolbers Small Tone Pre Amp

    12/02/08 in Pro Tone Olde Wolbers Small Tone Pre Amp

    Christian Olde Wolbers and Pro Tone Pedals Present the 'Small Tone Pre-Amp' Pedal.

  • FH(fx) The Hugger

    FH(fx) The Hugger

    11/22/08 in FuzzHugger (fx) The Hugger

    The Hugger by FH(fx) is a brand new boost design, created by FH(fx) and developed with Mellowtone.