Truetone H2O V1
Truetone H2O V1

H2O V1, Other Guitar Effect from Truetone in the V1 series.

WiR 05/24/2013

Truetone H2O V1 : WiR's user review

«  Good Pedal, Especially Excellent Chorus! »

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A digital and an analog echo chorus.

Alim classic, or 9V battery.

A second output for unprocessed sound.

Pasted to the previous opinion, everything has been said on it no worries!


Very simple configuration:

Delay: Delay Time - Feedback - Effect Level Switch with a short delay to spend long! In short everything has already been said about this in prior reviews.

I still give my opinion on the robustness of the case of the pedal, it has fiercely strong air, printed to look good in the shelter system in there!

The knobs are effective in black, they are easy to handle because it is very tactile. In fact, we feel the small bump on the knobs indicating where the knob is, so that even if you see nothing, you can still place it.

Unfortunately I think this is not the case in Version 2 of this pedal has replaced the more version1 produced today.


THE CHORUS: The chorus is superb! Very personal! It sounds extremely hot, extremely round and warm. It does not have this side "gniiii gniii" is meant in some chorus (I do not know if I made myself clear but the high frequencies on some swirling chorus).
You can spend a very vibe sound, a sound standard (Guns'N'Roses Knocking On Heavens Door, standard carcass what) a more distinctive sound (Police and 80's as Purple Rain) to a much more subtle sound for lead in the Mike Stern (when not abused too).
The chorus is as effective clean in overdrive!
Precisely overdrive it gives a real sensation aquatic agreements! How wonderful to open chords with chorus and good settings engaged. The sound becomes water and intoxicating wish!
BUT CAUTION: It is possible to detect a significant boost in volume when the chorus is switched, which can be very annoying or wanted!
This boost was much embarrassed me personally but I could master playing less strong when I enclenchais chorus, giving less dynamic shots or pick softer fingers.

THE DELAY: This is my disappointment, it is versatile enough (up to 800ms) but still it is too far back. Basically I had bought this pedal for the delay to "grow" my solos (yes it is quite absurd ...). Well, I was pretty disappointed:

The delay does not sound digital, it is darker, but I do not find her particularly nice color. In short, it does not add a great color to magnify solos, it is certainly too neutral. Some delay when used to magnify solos, emit some pretty subtle and very nice reverb.
Well I think it is not his case, therefore, I'm pretty disappointed delay.

So this would note:

CHORUS: 9/10 (haaaa without the boost of volume I would have put a big 10/10 well deserved!)

DELAY: 6/10



I exchanged it no longer against the Visual Sound Liquid Chorus (Chorus only actually) and Ibanez DE7 (delay pedal) because one of my groups demanded the use of a delay longer present, something my Visual Sound did not know how.

We will say that by participating in this exchange, I gained at the delay (the DE7 is biiiiiiiien better) but I lost in the chorus.

The Chorus of H2O is really beautiful, I love the heat it gives off, and overdrive I never tired of the trigger for the latest open chords! A pure delight!

The boost volume recorded on the chorus, however, is a fault not ignore.

In fact it can be very annoying in some situations, we do not necessarily want to boost its sound when it snaps a chorus!

And that's a shame, because this defect out there chorus is sublime.

A pedal tried before buying the extent possible, as always, but is no longer produced it will be hard.

Anyway, used it rotates between the 85 €, if you want a chorus TOP QUALIDAD (and boost the volume does not scare you) and a useful delay in coloring parts of your songs, then this pedal is made for you.

Then the next 2 1 is quite attractive given the sound effects available (it's not 10 in 1 multi-effects "I make noises and I love it!").

In short, it will still MY MODEL Chorus "Perfect"!
And yes I bought it for the delay and I eventually became addicted to the chorus, while the chorus I did not care, it is telling you!