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Thorens Other Hi-Fi Products user reviews

  • Thorens TD 166 MK II

    Thorens TD 166 MK II - "Reliable quality"


    Bought in 1979 and still working: Great reliability and quality. We are talking about quality hardware here, its musical characteristics are excellent and still very good compared to a CD ;-) I changed the belt twice, due to wear and tear. I replac…

  • Thorens TD 166 MK II

    Thorens TD 166 MK II - Oliviercool's review


    I got this Thorens with the intention of improving the digitization of my 33 rpms. Before, I had an HTE HT-910Q with Ortofon Concorde cartridge and you could hear the noises of the belt. When I was recording, I couldn't even move because you could ev…

  • Thorens TD 166 MK II

    Thorens TD 166 MK II - Johnny's review


    15 days The sound it provides is delightful. Having to get up every time a side is over is a real chore. Yes, I've tried others, 20 or more years, when there were only vinyls around, I had a turntable of an unknown brand, an Apollo 800 tl, this on…

  • Thorens TD 166 MK II

    Thorens TD 166 MK II - vinyl80's review


    I bought it secondhand about 10 years ago, but it's almost 25 years old. It has a belt-driven system. The heavy platter provides good stability. The cartridge is a Shure M95ED and the stylus an SC35. Everything works fine and, after having recorded a…

Translated user reviews
  • Thorens TD 160

    Thorens TD 160 - " Reliability, accuracy, power"


    How long you use it? Twenty years Did you tried many other models before buying it? Yes, turntables Sanyo, Lenco, Philips, Technics, Numark, Revox tangential. What is so special that you love the most, least? Most: its stability, the sound …

  • Thorens TD 160

    Thorens TD 160 - boulito05's review


    I have this deck since I n at least my father used it and he gave it to me for 45 laiguer tr mode it works on mine the only problem is its a bit long introduction I think if your deck does not pass in 45 tr it's just that your belt slips and given th…

  • Thorens TD 160 MK II

    Thorens TD 160 MK II - MaEstr0's review


    I grater to my father who did not use more It's just art The beauty of the object and the sound quality make it a rare and beautiful Obviously the scratch is prohibited but for listening ... there is nothing better! …

  • Thorens TD 105

    Thorens TD 105 - philjean's review


    Thorens I use this for several years without problem with much satisfaction, in fact I have 2 in perfect condition (cell empire and audiotechnica). on the other hand when stopping they emit a squeak ... Is this normal? Whatever the music is there. a …

  • Thorens TD 160

    Thorens TD 160 - Scr 76's review


    Hello, I am looking for a template of type "protactor" for a TD160 with TP16 arm and pen holder TP60. I printed that of "", respecting the odds AA '(140 mm) and BB' (200 mm), making sure the dimension 215.6 mm between the pivot a…

  • Thorens TD 105

    Thorens TD 105 - EKweel's review


    I possde for several years (I'm not sure). This plate, which was obtained for the era of prs 3500 Fr, worth every penny. The vibrations of the plate boundaries are extremely good. The plate is isolated from its support by springs. When the turntable,…