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Other Lighting Accessories user reviews

  • Mateclair Super Performance

    Mateclair Super Performance - darkride78's review


    Trs good liquid smokes, no deposit problems this liquid is already strawberry flavor so no need to add perfume it is more affordable trs about 16 for 5 liters, it can be used with any type of machine …

  • StageTech PL4

    StageTech PL4 - plousse's review


    Pl4 I use these for 2 years and never failed me ... Use mobile disco, orchestra, stage lighting, theater ... This is the solution to all situations. I also changed Color4 musicforce from home and it is combined well. The pl4 is a must for me in…

  • StageTech PL4

    StageTech PL4 - djbubule's review


    I use it for 1 year of hardware that never dfault is reliable trs love the color and brightness and the effects produced by the console Very easy to use, suitable for young people as the old. I love everything about this camera, incomparable wi…

  • StageTech PL4

    StageTech PL4 - tico31's review


    I bought these PL4 3 years ago but used. - Key Benefits: Super bright! - Disadvantages: Heavy, bulky and not very practical! Conclusion: Buying to avoid, you can find similar products bcp cheaper and controllable by DMX. …

  • König & Meyer 12286

    König & Meyer 12286 - gillooblacktrumpet's review


    - How long have you use it? 1 ½ - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The desk lamp by excllence! Operates on 220V, with 3.6 or 9 LR6! choice! Lumire discrete n'blouit not that! Too bad we can not use food as a charger fo…

  • Starway Tiwa

    Starway Tiwa - theraphosa's review


    I use the Tiwa for two years and honestly I would put a good note. If you want a camera catches quitienne landless put more money into it in any way the earth today is a must in terms of the Secure and those who use decision with just two blades ar…

  • Chauvet DMX-3F

    Chauvet DMX-3F - vanlentin95's review


    Casing Gnial that little that can turn the smoke and snow machines Chauvet DMX-standard (compatible with other brands but check with you before the FMS, the technical service is super friendly and comp tent). …

  • Starway Tiwa

    Starway Tiwa - clemout44's review


    Very good product report qualitée exellent price / fulfilled its role very well interuptor digital (all or nothing) use with French plugs + ground no problem …

  • Starway Tiwa

    Starway Tiwa - blueterry's review


    Euhh how to say some shit! attractive price € 39 but no maintenance are taken around naked in just two holes and the grounding plug! This is unacceptable 3 / 20 for the hyper-competitive prices …

  • Starway Tiwa

    Starway Tiwa - freddho's review


    Ben is a Dispatch 8 inters taken French, but it's great pity that the land taken without swimming in it, must find a system to keep them. It is the only general average that I tested and I find good quality, shame about the ungrounded outlet, except …