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Other Lighting Accessories user reviews

  • Nightbox ZIGZAG

    Nightbox ZIGZAG - G²'s review


    Zig Zag everything from classic .... It's been 3 years that I have and I never had any problem with. I recommend it for beginners …

  • Nightbox GOBO FLOWER

    Nightbox GOBO FLOWER - G²'s review


    I use it for a year What I like most is the fluidity of movement of the gobo wheel for the price is really good. Good brightness. I tested several models in this price range and it is this one that caught my attention Very good report qual…

  • Starway Tiwa

    Starway Tiwa - bidibulle's review


    In SAV DS the first day because a loupiotte grid, my mag has galr PA one month for a change ... their customer service is in trouble! Otherwise it is a good MODEL "taken Franaise" but only made + earth return, the taking "classic" swim in short, i…