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Boost Other Lighting Effects & Lasers user reviews

  • Boost Lumière Noire 400W

    Boost Lumière Noire 400W - 2tens's review


    Like any projector Lumire black projo boost the 400w is Designed to bring out the white garments of your visitors: PRO is the effect must. Ideal for accessories up to 400 guests! one catch! (And yes, it takes), the UV-emitting spot, very dangerous …

  • Boost Derby

    Boost Derby - 2tens's review


    For over 20 years, this light is a must: be it a wedding, a banquet, an evening with friends, to techno, in a dance hall: the derby will take you everywhere. It is the ratio qualitprix par excellence, n'hsitez-plus! …

  • Boost Twin Dragon

    Boost Twin Dragon - fred dark's review


    For curiosities I invested in a twin boost dragon, I say, a small green laser Cheap is nice, verdict of shit and shit is as unspeakable stuff, slap in the laser After 1 week, guaranteed non-existent, so I put the disassemble to see how it's done. a s…

  • Boost Zig Zag Pro III

    Boost Zig Zag Pro III - SlaYer-Fenix's review


    Super effective for its price! Posed especially when a smoking machine to resort beams. …

  • Boost Twin Dragon

    Boost Twin Dragon - mrdark's review


    Personally, I use a boost twin dragon, it is true that after three hours, the LED passed away, but the after sales service very well, it sure has not break 30 mw of bricks, but this time the, what did sell that are material to the pro, crest audio am…

  • Boost Double Ball T

    Boost Double Ball T - Lcm evenement's review


    I saw him one night and it is very nice as FFECT disco Suel the problem is that you have hung it up in order to benefit plainement …

  • Boost Derby

    Boost Derby - DJ Gaby's review


    As the mushroom, c an economic effect, but it's a great effect, good enough for small fete style new year is a two projector bulb wath 300 (c edf will be happy) …

  • Boost Star Barrel

    Boost Star Barrel - Cedjay's review


    Enormment dcu, photos posters like this one does not match the product, a common flower with a barrel that rotates (not even at the same tps as music) The lamp which will not be found and when 15V/150W SONOVENT you is not even sending the right one…