No Name Soundbeam 2
No Name Soundbeam 2
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Sell ​​Soundbeam 2 Controller : $800

By RayCamila2013 on 08/07/2019 - Expires in 14 days
Localization: Strassen, Luxembourg ( Luxembourg Luxembourg)
Soundbeam 2 ultrasonic MIDI controller with MIDI power supply and wire, manual and DVD, but without sensor. Designed and manufactured in UK.

Very good condition, used only a few times.

Offering great possibilities for creating imaginative and expressive music for all ages and abilities, amateur and professional.

Whatever your interests - dance and movement, therapy or simply music - Soundbeam is one of the few ways to play a musical instrument that allows people of any level of fine or physical motor skills to play together as a musician. musicians.

A sensor (or bundle) will be required and can be purchased separately by the manufacturer ( Speakers will also be needed. A Midi keyboard or a sound module is also required.

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No Name Soundbeam 2