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Each TLI module has its own set of parameters to control the Logic Pro instrument. This release includes the following TLI modules: TLI EFM1, TLI ESE, TLI ESM, TLI ESP, TLI ES1, TLI ES2, TLI EVB3, TLI EVD6, TLI EVOC 20 PS, TLI EVP88, TLI Klopfgeist, TLI EXS24, TLI Sculpture, TLI Test Oscillator, TLI UltraBeat.

Features include
  • Learn on: control, note or fader messages
  • Input monitor
  • All parameters of the Logic Pro Instrument, selecting a control will automatically set the output range.
  • Scale, switch or randomize the output fader mode
  • Input and output range
  • Filter learned in and/or other
  • Reverse, available in scaled mode
  • Output monitor

Pricing & Availability
The TLI Bundle will be available from 7 February 2009 online and the price of the bundle is €:20.
Also available is a demo version of the TLI Bundle , this demo bundle offers 5 TLI modules and supports 7 parameters per module.

System Requirements
Any system with a working Logic Pro 8 or higher installed.

More information at
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