kX Project kX Drivers [Freeware]
kX Project kX Drivers [Freeware]

kX Drivers [Freeware], Other Music Software from kX Project.

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fred806 09/10/2003

kX Project kX Drivers [Freeware] : fred806's user review


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Install without problem on my SBLive! Player
Configuration: DIFFICULT! It takes time for all good run, just as Russia should be adjustable cre config DSIR through several configuration tools. Specially mention the DSP config!
Manuel: Help and FAQ available on the site, in English AND french! Trs useful!


Config: AMD Chipset (762/768, 1 gram or VIA), AMD 2400 +, 1GB DDR, 30GB and 80 2DD, card SBLive!, Windows XP, installs lots of apps and more.
The driver (it is a WDM driver) works perfectly, less latency than the Creative drivers. The ASIO is a joy, 5 ms home without cracking. Configuration, complex, allows many rglages trs and routing. The DSP is used.
Everything is very stable despite the number of apps running on the PC.

It is a 10/10 because the driver is FREE and trs effective, I felt to change sound card! In addition, MAJ are frquentes.


I use it and then some ... a few days.
Particularity: ASIO's TOP 5 ms. DSP effects for me are the purest superfluous!
Other drivers tests: the standard drivers SBLive! Creative
Report quality price: TOP, it's FREE!
I would do the same choice without problem. This driver converts a multimedia card in a card used for the music lover. For 0, not bad!
Only problem: relatively complex parameter.

Update: I have used it for a month or two, I am always happy trs. Thing in Vegas or in ASIO latency 5ms without cracking, even with max effects. What are the top. I can wait a little my next card, that's true for the