Hagstrom Ultra Swede
Hagstrom Ultra Swede
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valou78180 10/16/2012

Hagstrom Ultra Swede : valou78180's user review

«  you get tired quickly »

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I'll characteristics, everything said above, I note the absence of vibrato


I also spend, I rather speak in terms of sound


This is where I will dwell, people for whom this is the 1st guitar (or played on a crappy guitar was 150th) will not stop the praise about this instrument. but this versatile mics prevents this guitar to have its own character, I play a hybrid lamp / trans and a big bandit 112, I use very little neck pickup, but the sound obtained with the remains hot enough and suitable. but I find the bridge pickup with no personality whatsoever with a simple distortion or with the integrality of my pedalboard. either single or double, it prevents to obtain beautiful harmonics in the treble and too sharp for my taste. so versatile because it allows you to approach many sound decent, but sorely lacking caractère.Rien to do with a strat as previous reviews say. perfect for beginners or guitar to the rhythm, but amateur solo go your way.


I use it for 3 years, for its price, I was surprised neck pickup but the bridge pickup when I was even disappointed. but I think this guitar keeps a quality / price ratio suitable. with experience, I will not repeat that choice but I rather orienterai to typed sounds more like a classic player 50's