Hagstrom Ultra Swede
Hagstrom Ultra Swede
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Xlog 02/21/2013

Hagstrom Ultra Swede : Xlog's user review

«  Versatile »

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First we will pass details everything has already been said and people affected by the instrument that will be already filled.


I write the test after putting hand over guitars.
The guitar is very light and handle very end, I think weight indicates why this guitar in this price range.

The size of the handle allows easy access, but I think it is not really made for the solo, access to acute is not the best in my opinion.

Obtained quickly typed LP sound, the bridge pickup provides good saturation and the handle is very soft.


I play everything, but I had this guitar for the metal dropped on the floor.

The game quickly becomes too soft Ball Dropped in C, I tried pulling mounted to 12, but unfortunately the strings were too big for the tailpiece.

I also tried to put two EMG81 above, I think it is not made for this guitar, I was as happy with the sound once the microphones gave origin.

In clean this guitar is capable of producing a beautiful sound, guitar moin far more upscale or fender. In saturated it is capable of good sound sharp, but its still too cold neutral.


I've had two year is a faithful companion, I like its simplicity its unconventional look and versatility, I think with the experience I remake that choice, I'd rather have a guitar with more of pedigree.

It remains nevertheless a nice good versatile guitar, usable in all styles.