Hagstrom Ultra Swede
Hagstrom Ultra Swede
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rem56 01/14/2014

Hagstrom Ultra Swede : rem56's user review

«  Versatility and excellent Quality Price »

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Everything has been said in previous posts.
I guess she does not have the build quality of some guitars for astronomical prices, which make me dream but I know that picture.
However, with regard to the purchase price (250 in hand), I find her very neat presentation quality and can only make a good score.


Purchased used, this guitar really missed maintenance.
Despite this, the handle end (perfect for my short fingers) did not move.
It is very pleasant and fair despite my weak action setting.
A very good surprise.


Guitarist living, this guitar blew me away.
The two double splitables pickups as single coils allow to obtain sounds really varied. Simply put, we can pass from the Gibson telecaster ... almost.
The above, I agree with the opinion of Valou 78180. Fully versatile guitar is only a dream. For those looking for the ultimate sound, it is better to throw your sights on a guitar that you really like. For my part, I had neither the place nor the inclination (and means) to acquire several others. My styles are varied and this guitar allows me to always find a sound approaching what I want. This versatility is more than enough for my use. I understand it can tire against by guitarists more assertive.


I found this one there 15 days. Compared to the previous 15 days of pure bliss.
This can be seen by some as insignificant (period honeymoon ...).
I sold my yamaha china because I do not find it fun to play (approximate sleeve).
There is nothing comparable.
Furthermore, I still have my yamaha aex 500 (1/4 case with mini humbucking and piezo).
Electric, I think I now have the full range of sounds and guitars that fit me.
Overall Opinion: Very very satisfied.