Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection
Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection

Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection, Other Shape Guitar from Lâg in the Collection series.

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skybird 04/13/2007

Lâg Custom Shop - Limited Series Collection : skybird's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This guitar does produce in 2000 a factory in France abdarieu LAG (made by hand, models only) new value around 2400
form is that of absolute MODELS Rockline or arkane, the body is mahogany with a beautiful table Saddle Mouchet (trs rare). the handle is also in Saddle speckle-dappled and bne That a key in 24 cases. the key is to dig from the 12th fret up to the rope (normally it starts on the 18me frets LAG).
The hardware consists of an original floyd rose nut blocks with ropes, mechanical blocks, all black.
lctronique levels: a humbucker in the bridge position EMG81 and 2 EMG SA single intermdiaire and neck. 5-way switch and a single knob volume.
the finish is amazing! of pure luxury, great art, real violin!


The handle is trs enjoyable, not too late (it does not tire in rhythm) or too big (all the acrobatics are possible) and in acute ACCS is excellent.
the key is a vritable highway (the miracles bne)
the guitar is a bit heavy (mahogany requires) but lighter than a les paul and it is very well balance.
we get a very easy guitar sound and a good Ragit trs dynamics, we can make it sound like we want to thanks those hands.
the floyd is terrible, it can be torture, its not move it's amazing!


Guitar guide hard / metal but versatile trs (reggae, blues, rock, jazz ALL) thanks to its configurations and HSS knob Ragit that no problem (thank you active electronics).
I use a Marshall VS100 and a morley wah wah and it sounds great.
its clear the neck pickup produces a clear sound is hard slamming while remaining fairly round for a simple and a lot of meduim, micro intermediate produces more acute while remaining in the meduim and 81 slams FORT trs ! he play in the fine if the sound is too sharp but force is no longer a problem and the 81 sounds superbly.
for the distortion: the simple two are doing well, though a bit serious, but still enjoyable in rock solo or rhythm is the foot.
for the bridge pickup is amazing! round harmonic power, ultra-versatile thanks to knob. will rock the distortion that has trankil dchire (Metallica style) of the atomic bomb !!!!!!!!
ultimately a versatile guitar sound thanks to the HSS configuration, the microphone that sounds and active electronics that can play with the volume without affecting knob lse frequencies.


I use it for about 1 year and a half.
I try many guitars before those: the top ten custom24 prs, esp ibanez gibson and I much prefer my LAG (to taste)
I buy a secondhand 1000 (with ZERO ZERO STRIPES PAINTS) with carrying case and all LAG
and the ratio quality price is excellent
I would do without this choice problem.