Parker Guitars P-38

P-38, Other Shape Guitar from Parker Guitars in the P series.

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moosers 05/14/2009

Parker Guitars P-38 : moosers's user review


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The Parker Guitars P-38 is an extremely unique looking and sounding electric guitar that has two single coil pick up as well as a soapbox style pick up. It then has an overall volume knob as well as tone knobs and switches to choose between the pick ups. It also has a whammy bar that is smaller than the average one.


The neck of the Parker Guitars P-38 feel very nice and it is overall a very easy guitar to play. I can play all around the neck easily and the weight of the guitar is very light when compared to most other guitars. The shape of the guitar is also very unique and is unlike most guitars I have seen before. Getting a good sound from the Parker Guitars P-38 is surprisingly simple because of the amount of control over your sound in terms of pick ups and controls as well as the great inherent tone this guitar has.


The sound quality of the Parker Guitars P-38 can be described as clean and overall has a full bodied tone. Having three pick ups makes it a breeze to get a variety of different tones of an endless amount of situations. I mostly use this guitar for rock and pop music, using it in tandem with a '76 Fender Twin Reverb amp and I'm always happy with the tones I can get from this guitar. I have only used this guitar for recording, but it is certainly suitable for live shows and for whatever else you would want to use it for. While it probably works best for a clean sound, it also has a great sound when you through some overdrive on it, especially for lead tones!


I've been using the Parker Guitars P-38 for about a year and a half and it is one of the most interesting guitars that I have used both in terms of look and sound. Parker has a unique line of guitars and the P-38 is one of the most reasonably priced models that they offer. For this reason it makes it a great choice for both intermediate players and professionals alike. If you are looking for a new guitar that sounds great and looks even better that won't break the bank, the Parker Guitars P-38 needs to be looked at.