PRS CE 24 25th Anniversary
PRS CE 24 25th Anniversary

CE 24 25th Anniversary, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

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iamqman 10/05/2011

PRS CE 24 25th Anniversary : iamqman's user review

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The Paul Reed Smith guitars are great sounding instruments to take a good bit of influence influence from the Gibson guitars. They primarily focused their wood bodies in the mahogany woods. Their necks are also mahogany and generally feature rosewood fretboard. One thing about these guitars that was a have very sleek and almost sexy curves with their cutaways. They have a certain cutaway that is very familiar to a Fender Stratocaster cutaway.


This guitar features two humbucker pickups a volume control knob and a tone control now as well as a pick up selector. As far as features is pretty basic and not too much to think about. These are hard tails and so there's no tremolo at all on the bridge. These guitars are pretty much a professional players guitar because they are pretty expensive but they have a lot of time and feel very good.


These feature mahogany wood which you can get a very warm voicing and tone. They match very well with Marshall amplifiers or Mesa boogie amplifiers but also a good clean tone up to a firewall distortion sound great with these instruments. These instruments had a great clean sound when you roll back guitars following control knob. The clean up very well a lot better than any Gibson guitar that you'll ever play. When you match the guitars up with a Paul Reed Smith amplifier and you can get some great pop and country tones. Most of their amplifiers consist of clean to mild gain amplifiers so they are very good for someone who plays country or classic rock type music.


These guitars are pretty expensive and so if you could find one used that I would go with that. They are gorgeous to look at and they are absolutely fine instruments. So if you can afford one that I would recommend getting this because are great for recording and awesome for gigging.