PRS Custom 24
PRS Custom 24

Custom 24, Other Shape Guitar from PRS.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the PRS Custom 24

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 18 reviews )
 14 reviews78 %
 4 reviews22 %
King Loudness12/31/2011

King Loudness's review"Flamey..."

PRS Custom 24
The PRS Custom 24 is one of the flagship guitars from the company and it was introduced back in the eighties as a blend between the Fender and Gibson camps. It features a mahogany body and neck with set neck construction like the Gibson guitars, a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets and really classy bird inlays, locking tuners, a custom design PRS tremolo system (non locking) and a pair of PRS humbuckers (usually the HFS/Vintage Bass combo). It's basically like a high class superstrat meets a Les Paul, and as a result it's quite versatile and can cover lots of sounds from clean through dirty with ease.


The design of the Custom 24 is pretty amazing. The shape is excellent and the weight is a great balance between light and heavy. It's got a beautiful carved top that not only looks killer, but offers nice support for your arm to rest on. The only real issue I have with the design is the neck heel, which can get in the way of the upper fret access a bit (though I'm no stranger to that, having played Gibsons that had the same issue). Getting a good sound out of this guitar is pretty easy. The woods and pickups used are top quality, so the tones are just excellent. Whether you are playing clean or distorted, rhythm or lead, this guitar will respond very well to whatever you are playing.


The tones out of this guitar are excellent. I'm a big fan of the PRS pickups in general. They're pretty high output, yet they retain the feel of being like a vintage pickup like a PAF. The result is a very thick and sweet sounding guitar that has excellent sustain and oozes harmonics, especially when played through a distorted tube amp. The neck pickup is syrupy smooth, perfect for any kinds of smooth jazz comping or overdriven fusion leads, and the bridge pickup is biting and clear, yet very thick - a perfect mate for hard rock riffage and shredding lead work. The in between positions on the selector offer some very Fender-esque Strat/Tele type tones that really cap off the instrument and prove its versatility in a variety of settings.


All in all I think the PRS Custom 24 is truly a fantastic instrument. It looks killer, feels like an old friend, is very highly crafted and the tones are to die for. At about $2,800 new this guitar isn't cheap, but if you're willing to pay the price for a real instrument that blends the gap between Gibson and Fender and offers just a great guitar, do yourself a favour and try the PRS Custom 24. You won't leave disappointed.

iamqman's review"Nice player's guitar"

PRS Custom 24
Paul Reed Smith guitar is the boutique guitar and build quality and materials used. The also specialize in their own version of humbucker pickups and sound fantastic and my opinion. These are some very exotic looking guitars as well as a very cosmetically appealing guitars. This is going to be for a guitar player who likes the look of the guitar as well as the versatility and sound of the guitar.

This guitars pretty easy to use like any Paul Reed Smith guitar can be. The humbucker pick ups and a nice mahogany body would connect and neck with a cool flamed maple top. Give your normal volume and tone controls and pick up selector and that is pretty much about it there is it too much to figure out about this guitar there's no midi switches or anything that you push pool to get different sounds are phasing in and out it's pretty standard rock 'n roll guitar.


Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

* Color: Smoked Orange
* Body: Mahogany back, carved flame maple top
* Neck: Mahogany
* 24 frets
* Pattern Regular neck carve
* Abalone Bird inlays
* Fingerboard: Rosewood
* Hardware: PRS Tremolo bridge, PRS low-mass locking tuners
* Treble pickup: Uncovered 59/09 Treble humbucker
* Bass pickup: Uncovered 59/09 Bass pickup
* Pickup selector: 5-way blade
* Controls: Volume and tone
* Case: Hardshell case included


The tone of this guitar is very fantastic if you like the sound of the Mahogany guitar and you will enjoy the sound of this guitar. The top maple will level out and balance out the guitar a lot better and add some necessary highest to the frequencies. It allows the guitar to breeds better and give it a lot more versatility then just the standard mahogany guitar.

These guitars are extremely versatile for pretty much any style of music. I see many country guitar players uses guitars as well as drop tuned players. These are around the county guitar that is able to be a great digging guitar and recording guitar. They sound fantastic although they are a little bit expensive compared to a couple version of a shifter or a guitar like that.


At new these guitars come in right around $2600 which is a pretty good chunk of change for a guitar. I'd love big fan of the Paul Reed Smith guitar next as they are a little bit chunkier and they just don't seem to fit my hand correctly. So I would recommend playing the guitar first if you get the opportunity to see if you even like it or not. If you are used to Fender Stratocaster or Fender telecaster's then this guitar will seem a little out of place for you but if you have played a Gibson Les Paul you probably be a little bit more comfortable with this guitar.

MGR/Adam's review"Paul Reed Smith Custom 24"

PRS Custom 24
It was an aniversery gift from my Wife. It was purchaced from C&M music center in Baton Rouge, LA. The Cost was 2189.

I love everything about the guitar. The finish is beautifull. Its not a 10 top, but I like it better than a 10 top, I think 10 tops are too perfect with not enough character. Its Black Cherry stain. I got it with the 3 way toggle and the push/pull tone for coil tapping. This guitar sings. Its best when distorted, but the clean channel is beautiful.

There is nothing I don't like. The only thing I wish it had was seperate coil tapping for each bucker.

This guitar is built wonderfully. Feels great, looks great. All around great guitar.

This is a wonderful guitar. I would suggest to anyone thinking of buying a Les Paul to try a PRS. They play great and can sound like a Paul, but is also more diverse.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Paul Reed Smith Custom 24"

PRS Custom 24
I bought this guitar second hand about two monthes ago. It set me back $2900 Australian dollars, but thats OK, as with our current exchange rate, they are completly worthless anyway.

After day dreaming about owning a PRS for ages, I finally found one that was affordable, and was completely blown away. This is the best guitar I have ever played.

The second you plug in a set neck PRS, you are absolutely blown away by the tone. It makes you amp sound ao much more alive than any other guitar before.

When playing my Les Paul after getting my PRS, it sounded very muddy. The PRS has a much clearer tone, but it is not as fat. The main difference between the two guitars, is that the PRS sings, and has a very smooth sound, where a Les Paul screams, and can sound very rough in comparison.

The main reason I prefer the PRS to a Les Paul is that it is capable of sweet clean sounds as well as awesome overdrive courtesy of coil taps. This is definately the most versatile guitar I have owned. You will no longer have to switch between your Les Paul and strat.

My PRS plays like a dream. This is definately the best neck I have ever played. It is similar to a Les Paul, but slightly wider, not as thick, and with a much flatter fretboard. I find it feels lovely, and is even faster than the neck on my Ibanez Universe.

The only thing I really do not like about this guitar is the rotary pick up selector. At first it can be a bit daughnting, as you can not look down and imediately see which pick-up you are using. Although after you have had the guitar for a while it is not a problem.

A continual problem with the selector though, is when your hands get sweaty, it can be very hard to turn. I think a standard switch would be much better.

I also do not think the case is acceptable on guitar that cots as much as a PRS.

The only complaint I have about the sound is that it can be a bit mid rangey. It is not a good match for high end biased amps such as marshalls. It sounds much better through a bassy amp. This is just not picking though.

I am lucky in that my guitar is a pre 1995 model. It was hand built in the Virginia street factory. It absolutely flawless, and looks like it is brand new, even though it is approximatey 12 years old. After moving to a larger factory in 95, the quality went down hill, as happens with mass production. The guitars are no longer hand made, and the grade of woods used is lower. Try and find a pre 95 model if possible.

This is definately the best sounding, best playing and best qualits guitar I have ever owned. Every other guitar feels like a plank of wood and sounds dead in comparison. A woderful guitar.

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lucky2004's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Custom 24
Mine is a custom 24 Black Birds with Chery. It has the config 'standard' that is with 5-way switch and vibrato.

Little reminder for the 5-way switch, PRS offers two types of selectors microphones
- The 5-position rotary switch: allows you to choose between the following configurations: double neck pickup, neck pickup in single, 2 double pickups, bridge pickup in single, double pickup.
- A selector 3 positions (Les Paul type) + a volume control with push-pull. In this case, we choose the selector from: neck pickup, the two pickups, bridge pickup. The push-pull on the volume knob can then choose from the microphones in single or double coil.
3x2 = 6! And yes, this was a config option as well: the two microphones in singles. In addition, this configuration is more intuitive. Known or easy it is, which is not the case with the 5-way switch, but it's a matter of habit.

Of course made in the US (you can find on the site of the black box, video all the various stages of manufacture of the device! It's great to see!)

The violin is wonderful. The table of mine in flamed maple is beautiful, but frankly I have never seen a failure! Yet I look at these guitars for years ... The color of mine is 'Black Cherry' is a very dark red. The neck and head are also varnished in the same color.

Even the box is beautiful. Simple and beautiful, high quality. A real jewel to jewel!


The handle is very pleasant. This is the first guitar I painted with a handle. At first it is a little confusing, but you get done.
Access to acute is perfect, the balancing of the guitar also. It is not too heavy, which is appreciable.
As for sound, just plug it to get a good sound ;-)

The 5-way switch is not very intuitive. Not easy to know where we are when we take the guitar. Likewise for those who change their sound in the middle of songs, not easy to find! But I think it's a matter of habit. On the other hand, with a Les Paul, it often changes at the beginning of grazing the microphone selector ... it's still a matter of habit!


This is really the highlight of this guitar! Sounds that are out are really fabulous. The pickups are really powerful and precise all at once. Being able to switch to single coil gives crystal clear sound beautiful ...

I play a little bit of everything in the style of music, pop, some rock, blues ...
I'm not a great guitarist and yet I go out sounds extras!

The only problem is then to play again with his other guitars ;-)


I dream about this guitar for years! I take the plunge a few months ago at Christmas. I can not be objective! When we realized a lifelong dream, how to be disappointed!
I will not go into the debate: PRS / Les Paul, everyone to choose according to their tastes. For my part, I love everything about this guitar: design, finish, sound, ... everything is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a guitar that polivalente also have a soul, I found it. To those who say that this guitar has no sound to it, they try, they look at the Loan and they can judge on piece.

I love the sound of microphones simple, they are precise, critallins, slamming ... The sounds are powerful double ...

Congratulations to PRS to offer us these quality instruments. For lovers of this brand, I recommend a book that is found on the website of PRS which traces the history of the brand with lots of pictures and history of all models. A must!

jerodou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Custom 24
Model PRS Custom 24 cases (CU24) color royal blue (royal blue).
It manufactures t usa entirely up to the hand.
It possde 24 frets, two humbuckers: a vintage bass in the neck position and HFS in the bridge position. Both pickups are original, they will conues entirely by PRS for its guitars.
The mcaniques ropes PRS is a patented system which allows mounting ropes 1/4 turn (no more cramps door handle), but you must take the hand is at the beginning galre a little. Thereafter, we quickly see the benefits there wholes. Deplus this system is self-locking thus favors the holding of agreement even if we are like crazy on the vibrato is really a plus for playing comfort.

The bridge is "type fender" with the whammy bar that slides into place, unlike Fender (s) that screws.
The guitar is equipped with a rotating 5-way switch, volume button, and a Tone knob.

The selector DIFFERENT modes:
Position 5: Bridge Pickup (sound very powerful, a lot of precision, say nothing is perfect.)
Position 4: Bridge pickup in series with the neck pickup, you lose a little pattate the osrque we just position 5, this is due to wiring in series. (A typical PRS sound. In the clear position cete rendering magnifique.Le better its clear that I personally was never heard on other guitars of commerce).
Position 3: Micro bridge and neck humbucker in both coupls In parallel (Idale to keep a rhythm).

Position 2: Micro coupled single coil bridge and neck pickup In parallel single bobinage.Cette position allows it really raproch the sonority of a fender with even when the sound typ PRS. (The sound quality toujour.

Position1: Neck Pickup (sound well ... still nothing wrong.)


The handle is al.

The handle is very pleasant it is a trade-off between Fender and Gibson I think.
Let me explain Gison boxes are more than the Fender srres and mache is "bomb.
The PRS Bay distance the handle has a handle boxes Fender and Fender a compromise between the handle "C" and the handle Gibson.C'est a true Russianness, essay it is adopted .dropoff window
The handling of this guitar is amazing, it was imprssion the handle starts at your hand immediately.

Treble are very easy to access "Type Gibson SG" in the sprit.

Attenetion, this guitar is its weight (a little nearly the same as a Gibson Les Paul), but that's because they put in the quality of wood that is a.
Go for your grannies not all the same.

Regarding the sound, I find it exellant, there's really nothing to say except ...? ... It's perfect.

If there are some who find it a bad sound then you definately they arrtent guitar.
As against this, may not like the sonority PRS.


It suits all styles of music I do not see that it could not play. "I have even a pte to me to make a decision gypsy jazz concert!"

I think that all lamps amp is ideal for this kind of guitar with a little weakness for Mesa / Boogie amps.

All types of sonorits are allowed with this instrument, biensur, the amp used there for many. It fits you and your personality.

My personal, I did with a group of hardcore, jazz conservatory and alternative rock with another groupe.Et the beast she dyed the road well.
Truly a versatile guitar.


I use it for 6 years, I've had 2000.Je have bought 15,000 fr (= 2287).

For the record, I'm me a pay after having made a small t work for 2 months. And 2 paid were not enough, he missed me 1500fr the era but my "nice" parent m 'have avancs lack. (Rather cool!).

I love everything about this guitar, I do not find fault him anything.

Except little-being rotary selector that is not very easy to use, if we DSIRE excuter a solo by changing the position flies like a Fender Stratocaster (neck pickup -Non-Micro severe acute ECt ...) it is impossible to do.
BTW, I do not understand why PRS did not put a selector "standard stratocaster" has the option limits for those who desire (can be a reason to patent?).
But it is also true that the three buttons give a nice aesthetic cot guitar.

it is an instrument of quality and quality has a price (sorry that's all).
yes, I would do this choice without a doubt.

Sniperkitten971's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Custom 24
See above ...


The handle is gnial, a sound is direct and ecstasy when we seek "the" sound, Access in acute is ... more beautiful she is she is lgre gnial lol! the only small problem will be the slcteur 5 positions that could put some live but with practice you get used to and that's even more convenient to switch a push / pull S1 in the fender I think ...


Versatility is standard, you can play what you want but can be large mtal couillus most in the genre of "The Amenta," but you tell me that if we play this kind of music we do not turn to this kind of guitar course ... I played the Children of Bodom above and cel no problem ... the sound is top notch with a mesa correct!


Try it now!!

M.o.n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Custom 24
It is a PRS Custom 24 20th
otherwise the rest is similar to the other hand note that according prs a better quality wood


The handle is <3 I love the handle, I find nothing wrong it's perfect for me the best race I've ever jou. Access in no acute possde no difficulty, weight (3.6 pounds for me) no me ESG;
bah DNA plug it play on an amp if not complicated rgler bah rgler have the amp but it goes without saying.
0 slecteur from the rotary to what Systm*#*$!!! I dtest trs is difficult to change pickups in a split second pleint especially with sweaty hands ...
I put 7 because of this switch has blocked my


The PRS is rput plyvalence for her is it's true I find it versatile standards with correct me I can play everything, country, jazz, blues, pop, metal, black, heavy, goth metal and neo. But mostly I play the merger and this guitar seems to be plyvalence thanks its done for a.
The sound of the amp always dpendant but with the PRS gives no right or too fatty but the hfs and the vintage are super great job thanks for the wonderful violin bte. If I want the crystal-clear I RULES, I can not crystal-clear pure strat but close, I can hop funk, I want day of Led Zep and go hop, metal hop, n o hop ... I love all the sounds of the guitar it suits me and I have not let go of the prs


I use it for 4 months and I love the particularity is to be between fender and gibson, but a fit closer to Gibson, then the table is beautiful, messy but beautiful. I tried MODEL standards in price, sg supreme, LP standard, custom Lp, music man, Vigier, lag ... diffrent and prs and the MODEL sounded better than all others.

Be careful and try as many PRS THE FIRST I tried silent flat, bland ... Yet the same MODEL, indeed there are big diffrence between a guitar same MODEL.
If I had to do it again ... bah if c'tait the same yes or I would have taken the tite gibson LP custom white kicking me a lot but that does surpass the PRS can.

jerodou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Custom 24
6 years I lai kills


has killed


has killed


has killed

brutus01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS Custom 24
I will not repeat the history of PRS guitars or rpandre me in praise of these wonderful guitars: they are simply gniales.
The finish is exceptional.
The microphone is molten lead!
The bridge is very well PRS Designed and thanks to the blocking of mcaniques agreement is required.


The handle is a good autoroute.Trs Access in acute thanks a small heel.
It is not too heavy and can be very easy to play sitting down.
It possde a good balance gnral.


It is a versatile guitar trs thanks to slecteur rotary 5-position, we get a range of sounds bluesy, vintage and post-amp, big sound thanks to trs HFS position bridge.
I play on an all-tube Peavey 50 212: mgique!
I connect from time to time my pedals BOSS GT-6 for other sounds but the best sound is when I got the branch direct.La power microphones, made in PRS, is impressive (style Di Marzio).


I possde also a PRS Santana SE that I modified with Seymour Duncan Splitables and I dj t tonn of quality manufacturing of this model Coren.
I possde the Custom 24 for 2 months, a 20 th MODEL Anniversary.Je have bought 2300 euros on new Lyon and I am dingue.Elle color is Black Cherry with the table Saddle Flamm a head in the same color and a beautiful binding in Saddle around the body.
Unlike what is said in a notice Previous, simply "go on the PRS website for a list of the many guitarists who play with and then when fte of music, I t tonn by the number of musicians playing in styles with trs Different.
The only criticism I will respect the rotary slecteur not very practical "live" but it is especially good story to tell.