WSL Guitars Deep Blue
WSL Guitars Deep Blue

Deep Blue, Other Shape Guitar from WSL Guitars.

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phaesis 01/23/2009

WSL Guitars Deep Blue : phaesis's user review


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To be honest I played this guitar through the Give Away Guitarist Magazine offered by WSL Guitars, so ct price is a great gift!


I availing oneself of a dozen Lag Custom Shop Guitars, Fender U.S., Mexico and Core, Godin, Aria, Ibanez ... Well enough to compare well frankly the violin is that the high price ct nothing about this again, well I'll just put a Graphtech nut to make it slide better, but other brands prcit es did not eh let's be clear, and microphones for the other review was talking about pickups splittage oh no it's just a small electronic circuit which is the interior with a 9V which gives a record of good single coil pickups but the sound is quite low, so what I did ...


First is to change the pickups for two Seymour Duncan SH2-SH4 with cover Nickel gives this guitar that it needed a soul! and look into more I'll let you guess this gives a great guitar! Electronic circuit for the small home that I changed it by a SPC in EMG for Acute severe correction more efficient, and complements a switch 2 positions for as attract choice S ries / Split pickups as needed, that now you know you can invest in this guitar and amliorer no problem! You can also simpler than a!


For any info you can contact me @ dominique.vassart
I Specifies that I have no links with WSL Guitars and Guitarist Magazine, I can still tell you that I bought the Fender are all repasss a luthier once for each lightly polish the frets and the neck rgler! whereas it is not useful even when is not it awesome! rating 7 / 10 because the original pickups and after 9 / 10 is a killing that guitar now!