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  • Groove Monkee Releases Fusion

    Groove Monkee Releases Fusion

    03/09/08 in Groove Monkee Fusion

    Groove Monkee announces the release of their 10th library of MIDI beats.

  • Hollywood Impulse Responses

    Hollywood Impulse Responses

    03/05/08 in Numerical Sound Hollywood Impulse Responses - Reverberation Impulses

    Numerical Sound, the company of sound architect Ernest Cholakis, has released Hollywood Impulse Responses - Reverberation Impulses.

  • [NAMM] Quantum Leap Complete Composers

    [NAMM] Quantum Leap Complete Composers

    01/19/08 in EastWest Quantum Leap Complete Composers Collection

    EastWest is releasing the Complete Composers Collection at NAMM 2008.